grey boots on

i know we are wimps here in california, but there was frost on my grass this morning. yesterday it didn't get above 42 degrees. that's cold for us here [there was actually snow a mere few miles away!].

so how glad was i that my whooga boots arrived?? i should take a photo of the box they came in. brown with a yellow bow. too cute.

i have super cold feet. my husband calls them icicles. they are always cold. it's kind of sad really. but these boots have been great. they are totally lined with fur on the bottom - soft. and i love that i can wear them both tall and short. i no longer wear uncomfortable but cool looking shoes. i now gravitate toward comfort AND style - so these fit the bill.

i have been wearing them almost every day since they arrived. maybe my feet are now like ice chips instead of blocks of frozen-ness ??

if you are looking for uggs they have the regular ones too. whooga .

whooga boots

speaking of warmth.... look what arrived from amisha for the little.

amisha quilt

doesn't it take your breath away??

and speaking of quilts....

marilyn quilt

we inherited this baby quilt too. it was given to us by my friend marilyn. she runs the art office where i went to grad school. we became close while i was in school. she's this great lady - full of piss and vinegar. she has given me some amazing things over the years. all her vintage christmas ornaments, an old bike, this quilt [it was hers from the 20's or 30's]. i love the hand embroidered details

marilyn quilt bulldog detail

makes me want to knit [the boots] or quilt. i'm such a lazy sewer, though. i don't know if i could ever do a quilt justice. i'd love to try, though.

heather present

i also need to thank heather smith jones for a lovely package she sent awhile back. including art for the little. [she is going to have an amazing art collection. seriously. i should frame everything and show you]....

and i also have to thank
gwen present

gwen . she always gives great presents - inside this were some robot goodies. :)

she has a new vintage shop
jenny penny vintage you should check it out

i think that wraps up the eye candy.... hope you are warm wherever you are....


if you want to read an interview of me... check out the little bird gallery blog


Denise said…
Yes, I am a California wimp today--brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Your quilts are lovely. I've often thought of giving quilting a try, it is one of those things on my very long someday-i'll-try list. Enjoy your new boots. Stay warm!
Bri Ana said…
Love the boots & the quilts & all the goodies, really.

Thanks for doing the interview. Love you too.

comfies said…
yummy boots! i have some of the australia uggs, but i had NO IDEA i was just buying one brand. i thought they were the only real uggs! i feel smarter now.....
Loving your boots. The photos are wonderful with those fun looking bathroom tiles. Utterly smitten with that quilt too!!
Anonymous said…
Without warm feet one's creative juices cannot flow. The quilts are fantastic. Hanging one in the house would be wonderful!
Katrina said…
such cute boots! and those quilts and gifts are completely lovely. i too aspire to bigger sewing projects like quilts or knitted granny afghans. one day, one day! so chilly i feel like i'm in new york. stay warm...
caramela said…
It's so true!A good pair of extra-warm boots will change your life- I got some last year and I am so unafraid of the sub-zero cold we have been having lately in Vancouver! and yours look super attractive too!
Love the quilts, especially the one with the embroidery-so lovely-
Annamaria :)
melissa s. said…
i have those boots too. it's like wearing slippers all day, yum. BEAUTIFUL quilts & gifts, fifi is a lucky little girl!
jan said…
love you whooga's and quilts - lucky you! now i'm wishing for them all!
life in yonder said…
Just the mere looking at all those beautiful goodies ought to keep you warm ;-)
Esti said…
Yes, I grow older I'm more fond of comfortable and warm clothing and also appreciatte handmade things better.
I hope you and your family are doing well, Lisa.
louise said…
Such lovely prezzies you have been enjoying. xo lj
gracia said…
Love that photo of your feets... adorable and snug. My feet, I am sorry to say, are always, always toasty. Hands too.

stay warm, g xo
bugheart said…
amisha's quilt!!!
. . . . .
i have cold feet too.
i just scored some
fryes with furry insides.
it's in the 30s here.

thanks for
the sweet mention.
you are too
nice to me.

miss you.
julie said…
beautiful presents, especially those quilts. and i love your boots. enjoy.. xx

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