enormous tiny art

we are family :: 10 pieces framed

as a lover of all things mini it is my honor and pleasure to be a part of the 7th Enormous Tiny Art Show happening at Nachotta Gallery .

i made 10 new domestic scene pieces for the show.

we are family :: orange sofas

this is the one i sneak peeked a few posts back. i started this pulling the thread along the outer edges of my work in the pigmentary portraits series.

i'm really fascinated by this process. formally and technically and well... i just am. part of me really wants to get all joseph albers or agnes martin and JUST explore the use of thread in a colorway and structured pattern. get all minimalist. part of me likes the fusing of this process with what i'm already doing. i wonder if i have the guts to drop everything and just rely on the thread to do its magic. i should really just force myself to try it...

we are family :: pink and red sofas with doily [detail]

the other think i'm trying to do is add even MORE of a 3D element to the work. so i crocheted this doily from a single strand of thread and have pinned it on top of a hand drawn version of the doily...

we are family :: turqouise chairs [detail]

i'm also pinning felt shapes to things.

we are family :: turquoise chairs

from head on it's hard to tell that one chair actually juts out into space.

we are family :: blue + brown beds

this whole series is me thinking about our new family dynamic. for example the pattern in the piece above is from slovakian wallpaper - my husband's heritage is part slovakian... there are pieces with japanese elements too.

we are family :: green + brown chairs under a japanese sky

you can see the whole set of them on my flickr site [where you can enlarge them if you are contact of mine too].

you can also see them - and all the AMAZING WORK by the tremendous list of artists at the ETA website. you can also purchase artwork directly from the site if you are so inclined.

now it's time to go back into the studio to make the next group of work for the next show. big breath. and we begin again.

hope everyone is well!


wendy said…
love them all!!!!
Anonymous said…
Lovely little pieces! I can see how cc has certainly added another element to your art.
patricia said…
I love these! I wish I could see them in person.
Jacqui Dodds said…
These are so lovely I could stare at them for hours! Congratulations on such a great exhibition.
sophia said…
it is always interesting and fascinating for me to learn about what's going through an artist's mind when working on a piece or body of work.
always a treat to visit your blog lisa.
caramela said…
I wish I could see them in person too! I love all the layers of space and meaning in your work- And the color is so subtle and exciting and unique!
Love it!
and of course, congrats! I am very interested to see what choices you will finally make for the next show!
Annamaria xx
red.or.gray.art said…
lisa i wish you well..relish your talent and form here
Kim Baise said…
i just discovered your work via caramella's post.
your art is so lovely and inspiring!
such sweet little pieces
bugheart said…
the brown
and blue piece
is wonderful.
wish i could
see them
(as usual).
Lisa, These are so great. It's such a treat getting the inside scoop on what you've been thinking about while creating these pieces.
melissa s. said…
oh I love these. love love love.
Esti said…
i wish i could buy a bunch of them, they're so pretty!
the details are amazing. love the doilies, love the layers, love the colors and the thread.
i hope the show has enormous success.
Leililaloo said…
What a great beautiful, collection of new art by you. I looove them!
Katrina said…
these are gorgeous! i love, love this work of yours. oh so much...
julie said…
im running late again. lisa, these are fab!!
im loving the green one at the bottom esp. and the one thread doily.
why is it so hard to make that daring step? xxx
ohthecuteness said…
Wow, I love all your tiny works! It will surely be an amazing show!
Katrina said…
lisa, these are just so beautiful. and i keep seeing them in my head ever since i read this post. so it seemed only right to come back here an tell you... again, my friend! xoxo, k.
babelfish said…
I love how your works look grouped together. The crocheted doily is a lovely addition to the work, and I LOVE your choice of materials based on heritage etc...very thoughtful process as always.
henzy said…
love them.. so creatively done..

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