i will blab + a wee bit of spring

wallet size me

this piece is in an exhibition called by a thread which opened friday at the san jose institute for contemporary art .

there is an artist talk on thursday night and i will be there. first standing by my piece to answer any questions about it [they mandate this!] and then as part of a panel talking about the exhibition. if anyone is in the south bay and wants to see me wiggle and squirm in front of my piece - i'll be there!

this is an older piece of mine. they are all self-portraits - the images of me i collected when i went to visit my parents. they were all wallet sized photos - and thus the title of the piece is "wallet sized me". i'm showing the wrong side [back] of the embroidery. the side you don't see is actually neatly stitched. there are a couple reasons for this - one of which is just to reveal what is normally hidden.

wallet size me 1975

this was my passport photo when i was 2.

uppercase magazine

and some press :: i'm the blog beautiful feature in uppercase magazine issue 4 - thanks martha . uppercase is really really really a beautiful publication. they do a bang up job.

bring in some spring

and just because :: the plum trees are blossoming all over the place. i brought a few branches in to make it feel like spring.

i took this photo using my iphone and the hipstamatic app . man is that a fun app to play with.

hope everyone is having a good week. today there were blue skies and big fluffy clouds. fluffy clouds always make me happy.


Anonymous said…
It was FUN to see those "photos" of you again! I hope you can enjoy the talk on Thurs PM.
LOVELY photo of the plum blossom. After all the rain here in CA it is nice to be able to think about spring and more sunny days being a few weeks away.
bugheart said…
i want to
see your
artist talk...
on uppercase!
i love
your wee
bit of spring.
Your self portraits are completely unique and beautiful. I love them.
So wish I had bought a subscription of Uppercase. A well deserved congratulations on your feature! It looks gorgeous.
Sam said…
Oh, I'm going to put this on my calendar and see if I can make it on Thursday. What fun!
I am going to have to plan a trip to San Jose. It will be fun to see some of your work in-person.
jenifer lake said…
dontcha just love iphone photo apps?!
Katrina said…
congrats on your show! will not be able to make it to san jose, but will cheer you on from oakland. yes, it was intoxicatingly spring this weekend... can't wait to see you in uppercase. xoxo, k.
Jacqui Dodds said…
Good luck with the talk - I would love to be there to hear it. Love the blossom photo.
sophia said…
good luck on thursday lisa...really wish i could attend.
and congrats on uppercase...your blog IS beautiful.
urban craft said…
beautiful work. Wish I had a passport when I was 2. Great job on all your exhibitions and features.
jan said…
congrats on the new exhibit and the uppercase feature - so well deserved! seems i can't keep up!

Happy Valentine's my friend!
dandelion said…
I wish I could have hopped across for your talk -sounds exciting! I really love the self portraits - truly beautiful...x
gracia said…
Talking about your own work in front of your work is never easy, is it? At least people can look at your artwork as you speak... sometimes that helps me.

Congratulations on the Uppercase feature. Your work is marvellous.
Anke said…
One day I would love to see your exhibitions "in real life" (I'm proud to own a real Solomon - it's in our living room.) Congrats to the feature! Beautiful layout, too...it fits you like a glove.
babelfish said…
I love the wallet sized photo embroideries, how you are showing the back of them is genius! So beautiful, and congrats on your feature in Uppercase mag.

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