"52" + a new home

3 cups :: pink

so - this blog has a new home. after 5 years hosting it on an outside server blogger no will no longer support FTP. so i migrated the blog here : lisasolomon-musings.blogspot.com . the upside? you can now "follow" me if you are so inclined. and i can monkey with a new template if i ever put my mind to it. the downside? thousands of comments lost. gone. woosh. they exist on the old blog - which i'm keeping up for posterity's sake - and i have copies of all the comments - but it does kind of suck to have them missing here. oh well. technology. it's never perfect.

above is an image of one of the works i recently sent off.

i'm in a show across the pond - hello England ! :)

it's curated by calm air all ice - which is the lovely claire [with whom i share a thing for planes] and the ever wonderful camilla .

"52" [it's a show of 52 of their favorite artists - like a deck of cards !]
room 212 gallery
Gloucester Road

opens march 31 with a special preview opening 6-8 pm

gallery open:
12-4pm Wed- Fri and from 12-5.30pm on Saturday April 2

3 cups :: orange yellow

i admit - i'm a little obsessed with 3 at the moment. i can't help it. these were started way back when, but only recently finalized and finished. they were actually started in my old studio.... ah memories.

they are small - 4x6 in size.... i was testing some ideas out. those ideas have kind of fallen by the wayside, but who knows. maybe they'll make a resurgence.

anyway -- i'm sure there will be great photos of the show, but if anyone lives in bristol and can make it... well... i'm jealous. i wish i could skip over there. be sure and check out calm air all ice for a full list of artists. and interviews from many of us.


pink ranunculus

it's my last week on habit . above is an out-take. to blur or not to blur? i've been playing more with my camera - using more of the manual settings. trying different f-stops. different ISO's. blurring, not blurring..... it's been really great. thank you habit. i think i might have to keep up the idea of habit - a photo - a day - 30 words or less... i'll just do it on flickr . i used to do that more often, but with the little photo taking has definitely lost placement on the priority list. but perhaps that needs to change.....

we're supposed to have more rain this week. today there are big puffy white clouds. so pretty.


Katrina said…
love, love, love these prints. (i think i'll add one more "love" for emphasis.) and to blur or not to blur, oh that IS the question. happy spring, friend! xoxo, k.
Jacqui Dodds said…
Welcome to your new 'home' - hope you will settle in ok. Love these pieces and nice to see your work in England.
louise said…
Dearest Lisa, it feels to long since I've visited. Wish I could see our work in Bristol, would be fun. xo lj
gracia said…
A new home, exhibitions and artwork to swoon over and glorious fat-headed blooms... blissful! xo
wendy said…
oh I love those colors & the cups lovely works!! xoxo
abby try again said…
I like the new space!
Feels all "airy".
Those pieces are making me crazy...esp. the pink one.
So, so great, Lisa.
And that's exciting-you're in England :)
Hope all is well.
bugheart said…
love the teacup
so delicate.
new spaces are
a way
of being
maybe i need one.
Camilla said…
Lisa, we love having you here with us! I've been taking photos on film today, hoping they turn out ok and I can share them with the world. I know you already found my photos on flickr, Claire has taken lots too and will be uploading them soon as she makes it back home again.
The pink and yellow works you've shown are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us (and England!).
babelfish said…
Your work is gorgeous, the teacups theme is adorable...you had a show in the UK? Oh no, I missed it! :*( I should really keep up, feeling a little overwhelmed by everything life is throwing at me at the moment, but there is light at the end of the tunnel...hope you are well. x

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