spring has sprung

i apologize for my lack of a post last week....we are having some pretty glorious weather round here. makes up for the 7th round of sickness that we've been dealing with. to say that this winter has been brutal in the sick department would be an understatement. it might be safe to say that i have intimately known almost every virus that has floated around this winter. i'm happy it's spring because i'm hopeful that it means the end to the cold season. i'm not holding my breath because if a spring cold comes around chances are we'll get it, but it's nice to be hopeful.

out out

with all this great weather the little is frantically using her favorite word - out. she says it double time. out out. and with a canadian accent. [not sure why but it's true]. basically from the minute she wakes up until the end of her day she'll go to any exit or window and emphatically request out out - out out. it's really cute - except for when you have to tell her - i'm sorry we just came in from out out - or no - we have to stay in in now. what a pathetic and sad face she sometimes makes. occasionally she'll even whimper "out out" "out out". if she could figure out a way to stay outside all the time i think she would.

how cute is martha????????

last week i had the immense pleasure and treat to spend the afternoon with martha of uniform natural . she came out to my studio and we sat and chatted. my parents were here and so our visit was peppered with interruptions from the little, but mostly we were able to discuss art and process and making in a really lovely way. martha is incredibly astute and sincere in her observations and questions and responses [as if you had any doubt about that]. i could feel my body and mind viscerally responding - reverting to familiar territory - thinking more academically and speaking about one's intentions and ways of making in a meaningful and purposeful way.

highlights from our talk: the differences between architecture and art [some of them anyway - revolving around the idea that architects must be more concerned aware of public safety and more concerned about "client satisfaction"] ann hamilton , tara donovan , my desire to visit the walker , and how architects have an incredible ability to accurately access situations/people, and how they are so aesthetically put together [best clothes and glasses. always].

i am so grateful to the internet for providing the means for this to happen.

and so - i have to get cracking. i have a statement to concoct, a website to update, artwork to tackle, dishes to wash, a studio visit to prepare for.... i'm still hoping to write a spring manifesto . happy tuesday!


shari said…
your time with martha sounds just delightful, and i am eager to read your spring manifesto. happy spring! xo
risa said…
i read your post in the few minutes i have before an important phone meeting i am dreading and i appreciate the laugh and smile the "out out" story provided. thank you lisa!!!
Anonymous said…
I hope, too, that you are finished with colds, flu, etc for this year. How great you could enjoy some time with your friend Martha. Although the little sounds adorable, "adult conversation" when one is caring for a young child is essential. Looking forward to reading your manifesto.
Interesting topic. I know many architects and yes, they do tend to wear nifty glasses. I've often seen that the joy of concerning oneself with client satisfaction during an architectural project is entirely dependent on that particular client. It can be a fabulous relationship, but it can also be not-so-fabulous. Howard Roark comes to mind ; ) Stay away from those viruses!
Your posts make me smile. Our little says the same at the doors of our home with a Canadian accent as well but that is probably because I am Canadian. ;)
melissa s. said…
the one architect i know is a (smart) goofball, but i'll be sure to check out his glasses & pass along your observances. I totally get 'out out,' especially this time of year. xo to you!
sophia said…
i am with you on the colds lisa...though i believe d has allergies this time of year so we have to rough it out a wee bit longer.

"out out" feels so good now especially with this weather.

it is a special thing to have honest conversations about things like art and the process of art making. for me, doing so allows me access to not only another artist's work, but my own as well. for me, often times it needs to come out in writing or in conversation in order for me to articulate my own thoughts.
bugheart said…
what a beautiful
photo of martha!

you 2 are peas
in a pod
i think.
to be a fly on
the wall
for that conversation.
i wonder what
she thought
of your studio...
life in yonder said…
I can see her in my mind "out, out". She could come over and spend time out with Astrid ;-)
gracia said…
Your time spent buried in conversation with Martha sounds wonderful, and I am also grateful to the internet for enabling me to read about this.

Here's to spring and feeling fit and firing.
caramela said…
Glad you are back- love hearing your thoughts-!
Thanks for the links-fab-now I got to run because it's Saturday(YIPPI) and I want 'out'!
Annamaria :)
louise said…
Your conversation sounds mighty fine, studio conversation is something I miss, working from home and all. xo lj PS could the little one be any more cute?
Di said…
You're both so lucky to have a chance to meet and chat like that! Sounds like a fun and stimulating time.
Enjoy the lovely weather (and little one's language) unfolding..
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