this is a pubilc service announcement [without guitars]

giveaway for Liam !

[name that band?]

so liam is lynn's [of satsuma press] son. and he needs a new bathroom. and a whole bunch of creative folks are giving away stuff to help make it happen. [i'm donating an underdog tote and T] so go.... read more about it - and donate. and then spread the word.

happy belated birthday liam.


26 april

this last week was one in which a lot and nothing seemed to happen simultaneously. have you had one of those weeks? where there is HUGE news - good news - good times - and somehow you are simultaneously befuddled and tired and so not as much got done as it should. yup. it was that.

the REALLY good news?? my folks have moved to my hood to be closer to their one and only granddaughter. i'm so thrilled about this - for her ! - for me ! - for them ! this is so utterly cliche, but, having a child has given me a new found respect and frankly a healthy dose of AWE for my own parents. my heart melts every time i hear the little say "ba-ba" and "pa-pa" with a big smile on her face....

and in the studio? i'm starting to feel some pressure. i have a couple of shows looming in the not to distant future and i really have to get working on those. one of the shows is going to be my take on deforestation. which means i have a lot of doily trees to crochet. i was giving myself the last few weeks "off" to try and gear up - but honestly i can't procrastinate anymore.... here we go, here we go, here we go.


15 april

and i just have to show you these. hubby grew them. fava beans are so good. especially these young "new" ones. no need to shell the inner pod. some olive oil, some garlic. oh good. just the right hint of bitter.....

happy last week of april to you [yikes]


sophia said…
that is great lisa. having your parents close by is going to be wonderful in so many ways.

looking forward (and hoping) to seeing little sneak peeks of your deforestation project.

hope you, the little, and hubby are doing well.
caramela said…
how great it must be for you to have your parents close by- I always marveled at how you seem to have such a loving, supportive relationship with them- it's fantastic that your daughter will experienc this too!
I am also looking forward to seeing your crocheted trees!
Annamaria xx
babelfish said…
I'm so excited for you that your parents are moving closer, you are blessed with such a loving and supportive family, enjoy wonderful times together. Look forward to your deforestation project.

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