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our hummingbird nest !!!

i discovered a hummingbird nest right outside our front door. it is the most amazing thing ever! it's so small and cute. i keep checking on it all the time. today mama bird was out of the nest a lot. sitting right next to it. but she didn't really leave it. i don't want to check and see if there are any eggs in it because i don't want to wreck it. so i don't know if the eggs are there, if they are going to be there or if she's scoping out the scene and will be mad that i'm always looking at her. there's a male bird that hovers around occasionally and it looked like today he brought a snack to the female.

i was trying to point it out to the little - she LOVES birds... and i think she spied it... we'll see if she remembers it tomorrow.


and now - things that i'm coveting.... just because....

vintage japanese sugar molds

japanese sugar molds [kashiga]

this one is courtesy of this etsy shop. i can't remember where i first spied these, but i'm totally smitten. i really like the plainer more abstract ones - or the simple floral ones like this


digital harinezumi

i need another camera like i need a.... hole in my head?? yeah. but i do want this one. digital. toy. japan. takes videos. need i say more? go look at what it can do here's a flickr group .

i think freestylephoto has the best price i've found....


lag scarf detail, originally uploaded by UNIFORM natural.

i got this scarf for hubby's mom for mother's day. martha is a genius. see her store for yourself.


someday i will get a camera strap made by erin. 1. because they are beautiful. 2. because i hate my boring black camera strap with NIKON plastered all over it 3. because i never will get around to making my own. 4. because even if i did make my own it wouldn't turn out as nice.

but you have to be quick because they sell out of her shop fast !


i got a new piece of equipment for the studio today. but i didn't have enough time to set it up. hopefully i can get it running in the next few days. i'm so excited about it. but i'm not saying anything else. not yet.....

have a great week!


Katrina said…
what a lovely list of lovely things. and i can't wait to see what new tools just made their way to your studio. new studio equipment is like the shiny new bicycle, every time!
Di said…
So much to love! The bird nest is so beautiful- hope you get to hear some baby bird cheeps coming from there soon...
Oh, I really liked that camera strap too. I clicked over and you were right--sold out. A while back, we stayed in a little house in Waitsfield, VT and had a nest of itty bitty robins outside the kitchen window. We'd just stand there and watch mama and babies. So cool... Enjoy setting up your new equipment!
you put a big smile on my face.
amy k. said…
these items are quite awesome. and that camera is now on my b-day list (and the strap!!)
Anne said…
The humming bird looks like a silver artwork. It was gorgeous. I put a bird feed in the yar as well. It is cool to watch the birds coming to our place.
sophia said…
hummingbirds are so mesmerizing!
i like how that tiny camera can record motion. the unfocused images are quite charming and nostalgic. would be such a fun camera to record family films...especially with the little being so little.
i did a quick search on youtube...
happy early mother's day lisa!!
gracia said…
I have such a soft spot for those little birds even though they are not from around these parts. They are marvelous and endearing. How lucky to have one nesting nearby.

g xo
Anke said…
I always wanted to see a real humming bird, but they are not common over here. Lucky you! This is absolutely fabulous (so are all the "goods"...I'm jealous!).
XO, Anke
Beth said…
Hummingbirds are truly amazing creatures! I love seeing them on walks through the park.
Anonymous said…
what a fantastic photo of the hummingbird. When I water my landscaping around my home, they sometimes hover nearby. AMAZING creatures!
babelfish said…
Happy Mother's Day! (not over here, but love to you all the same...) Adore the hummingbirds' nest, it's so cute and thanks for your wonderful picks -that scarf!

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