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spring floral sketches : strawberries

hello there. the other day heather posted this on her flickr ... hey did you know i make art? it's true. i feel the same way. not sure why. but it feels like i haven't talked about or posted any art "for reals" in a while. i'm not feeling really chatty, but i can show you some stuff i've been up to.

spring floral sketches : detail mini daisy

these are sketches that i worked on a few weeks back. you can see them in their entirety and read more about me/them on this joy + ride

spring floral sketches : detail mini geranium

i was a bit apprehensive about showing them. but then sheri and shari were so nice about them. thanks ladies. i'm honored to amongst a list of such inspiring folks.

spring floral sketches : detail orange ranunculas

i also decided to put them up on the beholder . i did a bit of cleaning up around there too. old sold stuff gone.... more changes to come hopefully in the next few weeks.


my grandma would have been 92 today. every morning i look at her picture . and today i'm thinking about all she gave me . both physically and mentally. i miss her [in a really good way].


next week i have to deliver some work to galleries for the san francisco art fair . some new work ! show you soon.....


Just popped over to this joy + ride--fun!
claire platt said…
those drawings/embroideries are beautiful!
melissa s. said…
these are stunning, lisa. so lovely.
Anonymous said…
I love the drawings! Thanks for sharing them.

I KNOW your grandma would be pleased that you are thinking of her and the contributions she made to your life everyday. I can see why you would miss her. But I hope you also count yourself very blessed to have had such a grandmother in your life.
gracia said…
Must pop across to see your work on this joy+ride... I've been out of the loop of late and am slowly catching up, like many, like always. The month of May is just so busy, no?

betsy said…
I really love what you've been up to -- they're beautiful, lj. xo
shari said…
we were so excited for your issue. beautiful all around.xoxo
I really liked your interview at j+r Lisa. Your pieces make me want to draw flowers too :)

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