art show... we're all going to the art show

the little is a little obsessed with yo gabba gabba . i can't really blame her - cute characters, catchy songs [just watch party in my tummy ] - much hipper than sesame street. i know i know - she shouldn't even be watching TV - but... well... i'm not even going to try and excuse. i'm just going to admit that after watching the episode "art" like 5 times the song "art show" follows me around all day. i've woken up dreaming this tune [and other yo gabba gabba songs to be frank]. but i digress. i actually went to an art show today.

Louise Bourgeois

i knew there was a Louise Bourgeois show at gallery paule anglim . and then the news hit that she died [at 98] a couple of days ago. so i really really had to go.

LB [as she signed all the works in the show] is certainly one of my all time favorite artists [along with agnes martin , eva hesse , ruth asawa and too many others to list, but these ladies are always near the top].

i'd be stupid not to acknowledge her influence in my own work.

the show? not some of my most favorite LB work i've seen. called "mother and child" the show was fully of birthing imagery - lots of red [blood]. lots of multiples [interesting print techniques and embroidered signatures - which i loved] - but not really anything that really sang to me like THIS WORK . but....

Louise Bourgeois

this piece i really liked.

and am i glad i went? of course. LB's line quality is always nice to behold. the paring down to the bare minimum of what you need to present a face. to express really raw, powerful, tangible emotions through minimal marks is always inspiring.

plus i kind of walked around saying goodbye. bye new work. we'll only get to visit your legacy now. and for that incredible legacy i'm grateful.


3 june

i broke down and bought myself the digital harinezumi . i just needed to give in and do something nice for myself and have a new toy to play with. so far pretty fun.

it's so nice to have the sun back here. we had a couple of very odd winter storms [in MAY?] which were rather depressing. the weather doesn't usually get to me, but this did. does weather effect you?

happy week.


This is the first I've heard about Louise Bourgeois. I didn't know. I once taught a children's art class completely inspired by her. Our favorite project was spider making. I've always liked her in her costume for ’A Banquet’, her Femme Maison works, her Cell installations... She was an interesting woman. Clicking on Yo Gabba Gabba made me realize just how long it has been since I've seen children's television. Now you have me reminiscing about The Electric Company and Sesame Street. And your Digital Harinezumi. I'd never heard of these. I love the concept, the simplicity. I'm assuming you used it for this poppy image and I love it! Have fun with your new toy!
Jacqui Dodds said…
I was sad to hear about Louise Bourgeois. My daughter and I had just been to London last week and visited the Tate Modern where we saw her exhibition a couple of years ago. We returned home and found out she had died. I also love her use of line.
jan said…
thanks for showing this and talking about her work. it was sad to hear of her passing. like you said so perfectly about her work, "raw, powerful, tangible emotions through minimal marks is always inspiring" is so true. it's the rawness, and edgy-ness that draws me.

good for you for treating yourself! such a nice present!

hey and don't worry about the tv too much. i have a soft spot in my heart for cartoons - they are actually good for you!!!!

: )

and sorry for my lack of visiting lately - i'm in need of a break and slowing down.

hope you are well.
robayre said…
Lisa, I received the quilt book today :)
I'm saving it till tonight to start pouring over it.
Also, I can't wait to see some of your new pictures and videos(?) using your new camera. I've been looking at getting one of these for a long time myself.
Eireann said…
(I'm here, Lisa, but usually quiet. I love those poppies with the light through them--and the LB work at the bottom. Beautiful. Ach, women artists. I miss them. England feels very far from that community!)
julie said…
yes, i was sad to hear the news of LB. I fell in love with her after standing underneath her giant spider at the tate modern! i can so see her influence in your work!


(oh, and yo gabba gabba is familiar in our home too!)
gracia said…
Sad to hear about Louise Bourgeois also... her work is marvellous and you could read something new into it with each viewing.

Here's to a digital harinezumi for you. A very nice and special treat.

g xo
Katrina said…
i love the link you posted to some of your favorite louise bourgeois work-- all those figures and fabric! and i agree, the weather has been most dreadful. i'm ready to pull out the wool sweaters and rain boots. sigh.
sophia said…
hey there lisa!
i'm not familiar with Louise Bourgeois, but will look into learning more about her. thanks for sharing.
would love to hear your thoughts about your new toy. d is still small enough that i would like to capture him in movie form.
maybe little clips will appear in this space in the near future.
louise said…
I'm with you all the way on favourite artists and LB is at the top of my list to. What a mind she had, such imagination and clarity. Glad to hear you got yourself a new prezzy. xo lj

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