a rainbow umbrella between us


:: it's almost july

:: the little is practically 1 1/2

:: i've been in my backyard studio for over a year [and have yet to show you the inside - sorry]

a rainbow umbrella between us- detail

:: i return to teaching at the end of august

:: i've been good and haven't bought ANY SHOES in over a year

:: we harvested our own potatoes

among the clouds together

:: i have to start researching preschools

:: that the little's vocabulary is basically growing by the day [heavy, try, cook, book, draw, car, key, cracker, apple, potato, pepper, juice, baby, shoe, sock, up, down, out, beep beep, cheese, noodle, pop [for toast], ball, block, purple, two, help, ouch, teeth, eyes, nose, ears, bubble, quack, e-i-e-i-o, ro-ro [for dog], mama, dada, papa [grandpa], ba-ba [ba-chan - japanese for grandma], tonka, ga-bo, nu-nu, muno [yo gabba gabba], dirty, trash, bird, byeee/bye bye, hi, spoon, bowl, more, please, hot, paper, pla toh [playdoh], diududududu [music], tall, hat, zo [for zo-san -elephant in japanese], sit, paw, food, tushie, feet, toes, night night, weeeee, row row [row row row your boat], poop, pee, happy....]

:: i can't remember the last time i went swimming

among the clouds together - detail

:: that i might get to go on 2 trips out of the country next year

:: that i have a big installation to figure out for november

:: i own my own vinyl cutting machine

23 june

:: i have no real desire to own an ipad

:: i've been able to mostly stay away from caffeine for over 2 years

:: that as of this month i've been blogging for SIX YEARS

21 June

:: that we once again have a 3 legged cat in our lives [and that i forgot how cute and rambunctious a kitten can be]


notes on the images :: the beds on doilies are new drawings done on out takes of the print i did for artstream studios [see the print here ]. they are going to the compound gallery to be put in their art in a box subscription service.

the felt "pie" is something i'm working on for that november installation.

and meet lulu - our new kitten. she is incredibly sweet. and has 3 legs - just like chinaski


pop [for toast] -- that is hilarious! :-)
You have your very own vinyl cutting machine. Exciting! Little Lulu looks so content. And I'm with you on the iPad...
Anonymous said…
!!!! so much goodness in this post !!!!

Those pieces are seriously gorgeous. I have some embroidery thread that I'm thinking you might really love, it's japanese...cosmo...have you used it before?!
claire platt said…
2 years without caffine is SO impressive to me right now as I'm trying/pretending to stop!
Beautiful work as always. I love the list vibe of this post!
melissa s. said…
your work is so lovely lisa. and little lulu is adorable. a perfect fit for your sweet fam.
gracia said…
1 1/2!?
Harvesting your own tatties?
Blogging for 6?
So many exciting things. And so many beautiful images to see from your work to your 3 legged lovely.
there is so much goodness here, lisa. happy summer to you!
Anonymous said…
Ain`t life full of amazing, totally unexpected things?!? Your positive attitude, along with your work, is inspiring
LeeAnn said…
What a list of amazing stuff! But back up... tell me more about the vinyl cutting machine! What plans do you have for it? And please show pictures of your studio!
Karen said…
Woah. So many things to comment on...

- Pictures of studio please!
- Vinyl cutting machine?! I wouldn't even know what one looks like! Picture of that also please!
- Baby is a genius!
- 6 years! Happy 6 years Lisa's Musings...Am so happy you & your thoughts exist in my world..
so much loveliness! i adore that kitty photo.

xo Alison
Kathleen said…
so many wonderful blessings and accomplishments. 2010 is just lovely, isn't it? here's to you miss lisa :)
julie said…
so enjoyed reading this lovely list and seeing your beautiful art.

me thinks one needs more shoes and swimming!! xx
linda said…
what a nice post. Your doily drawings are beautiful!
Lulu is precious.
Katrina said…
love that print. love that it's going to compound gallery. love that you've been blogging for 6 years. and love the joy of harvesting potatoes. love, love this list!
Eireann said…
:) 'zo-san'. love. i have been super, super missing speaking japanese recently, and want to take a refresher class this fall.

(i'm here!)
louise said…
I can barely believe all those things either, especially the "not bought ANY SHOES in over a year" how did you manage that. And no caffeine, and homegrown potatoes, it's all too amazing. Really, I'm not being sarcastic. xoxo lj PS two trips next year sound very exciting. PPS I don't find myself desiring an ipad either.

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