13 minutes and counting

oh mr. warhol, how did you know? how could you have possibly guessed that in the not too distant future with you tube and vimeo and all of the insane reality tv that we would all indeed have our 15 minutes of fame?

some of my domestic scene drawings are hanging in Kearny Street Workshop's office at the moment. they are calling it the KSW artist gallery. my work will be up through the end of august - so if you are wandering around folsom street you can visit them.

they also asked if i would answer some questions on camera for them. and i reluctantly said yes.... and now you can see me [purposefully NOT looking at the camera] blabbling away about the work in the show. i think if you read here regularly i won't be saying anything new, but hey.


let's just look at more images of me shall we???

actually, though, this image was taken by katrina - the dress was made by her as well. she's exhibiting her amazing dresses project at theatre artaud in SF and i was lucky enough to catch it. you can too. read more about it on her blog and go before the show closes !


thankfully there are no more pictures of me to show you

10 july

the other day i took some polaroids. and that felt SO good. it was like hanging out with an old lost friend.

this whole summer has felt a bit disjointed. it feels like there's a funk. i've chatted about it with a couple other people. it's not that anything is wrong or bad - for me it's just this rather odd feeling of uncomfortableness. and then the occasional feeling of malcontent [which is no where near as severe as unhappy]. it comes and goes as it pleases ill regard of the weather or what i'm actually doing.

maybe i should just give into it. maybe it's about all the stuff that's about to happen this fall. maybe it's about figuring out how to balance all this stuff. maybe it's because i'm worried about making sure all the i's get dotted and t's get crossed. maybe it's that i hate uploading things to sell on etsy [this is for a project i'm working on - more about this in another post]. maybe i'm too tied to my computer. maybe i'm missing the studio more than i want to admit. maybe i'm tired of cramming too many things into small chunks of time.

i'm thinking i should just stop worrying about it [ha!]. or maybe i should make a a good list like heather.

ok - here's a go :: how the little says K now when you ask her OK, cucumbers growing in the garden, rhubarb compote, homemade japanese curry, kittens that purr on your lap, the smell of cut grass, meet-ups with cute internet pals and their cuter children [hi christine hi sally ], dreaming of seeing alice neel paintings with julie , figuring out and working on a piece of art that is bigger than me, treats brought over by my parents, how the little says PA-PA and BA-BA with the biggest smile on her face... better now... happy weekend.....


Kathleen said…
the video is great! nice to hear you speak "live" about your work:)
hope you have a beautiful happy weekend!
Hayley said…
Hi Lisa! I have been in a little summer funk too- maybe it was month of grey that welcomed the season? I have found that hanging out with great neighbours, eating popsicles outside and beach days with watermelon help. That is, trying to see the summer through my 2 year old's eyes.

And I love Alice Neel- have you seen the documentary by her grandson? Amazing. She was totally bad-ass.

Anonymous said…
While you have commented about your work in various ways over the years, it was still great to see you do son in a video. Actually hearing your voice and seeing you talk about it gave it more clarity and context than the written word can.
Your `funk` is an understandable part of trying to maintain a perspective and to find balance in your life between your various selves....artist, wife, and now mother of a young child. It ain`t easy sometimes. But it will keep shifting as time goes on and your child needs less of your time and attention. In fact, there may even be moments in the future when you miss `the demands` the child used to make on you!
You video and photograph very well. Your 'good list' does indeed look quite good to me, an inspiration. I think I'll make one too. Thanks (to you & Heather).
bugheart said…
love the video...
always so nice
to hear more
about your work.
wish i could
fly to angel's gate
for your show.
have fun
with grub.
emily b. said…
Thanks for sharing the video. It is nice to see/hear you speak about your work in person. I especially liked how you related people to furniture. I think I do the same thing, just not with furniture.
gracia said…
So great to see you and hear you in the video... you did great... and it is always interesteing to hear you speak about your work, the process and the meaning behind each piece. Bravo!

from one sometimes shy person to another,
g xo
New to your world; love your work and enjoyed hearing your ideas and thoughts; Thankyou. Linda.
julie said…
oh so wonderful hearing you speak! WISH it was in person and yes, i hear you on the subject of summer funk! i think its a mix of all those things you mentioned. and a good list always helps make some order :) Big Hugs xx
First of all, I could ALWAYS look at pictures of you! You are a classic like Audrey Hepburn, so lovely.

Secondly, I think this Summer Funk is universal and recognizing it is half the battle. I hope that your Fall will clear the air and bring new joys for the Winter.

I love your beautiful polaroids and only wish there was more mama and little in them!

I missed you and I am happy to be catching up again! A big hug to you and all your loves. xox = cah
blair said…
God I'm so behind. You met Sally? That's so great! Summer has been weird here too. I've been away from the computer more than usual, and feeling good *and* bad about that. (We've talked about this before.) Maybe I should make a good list too. xo
Katrina said…
i'm SO glad you were part of the dresses/ objects project too. and i agree, there's a bit of a summer funk and i can't help thinking it's related to the gulf oil spill. and i love your happy list. xo, k.
jan said…
how cute are you?!!

awesome to see you talk about your work - and listen to your ideas.

: )

i'm in sort of that same place you are - maybe?
sophia said…
lisa...i love that.
it's a nice piece that adds a layer to your blog in terms of getting to know you and your work.
am making note of your work up at KSW"s office downtown.
congrats! you look great!
tiel said…
lovely to hear and see you Lisa. this is a wonderful post.
Jacqui Dodds said…
Hi Lisa
I think the video of you is very good and you don't look at all nervous. It's very interesting to hear where your inspiration and ideas for your work comes from.
My friend has just been to see the Alice Neel exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery and really enjoyed it.
Jacqui x

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