the halfway mark

red necklace

i'm always a little befuddled when we make it through 1/2 of the year. this year i'm particularly remiss that i have YET to clean up the 2009 files from my office. cough. embarrassing but true. [the office continually ends up at the bottom of my list of things i must accomplish. maybe if i talk about it here i'll actually get to cleaning it].

last week was also no fun in the studio department. i just didn't get very much done. let's be honest and say almost NOTHING got done. this makes for a cranky me. it also stresses me out as i feel like i have that much more to catch up on.

i don't see deadlines the same way i used to. i can't pull all nighters right before one to finish everything up. i've become the the turtle. slow and steady. and so when i'm not on "pace" the butterflies start to gather.

turquoise necklace

i did make these necklaces for a couple of friend's birthdays.

sometimes making jewelry is just so much more rewarding and instantly gratifying than making anything else.

in another life i wish i was a jeweler - or a flower arranger. if you could have any occupation what might it be????????


fun things in internet land:

ONE: whip up is doing a mini quilt-a-thon - and giving more copies of the mini quilts book away [see it on chronicle books].

TWO: my dear friend shanna is hosting a remember your granparents week on her blog. i was today's guest. read here

THREE: sadly i did not play along this year, but poppytalk just finished her summer color week . if you have time to kill go look at the flickr pool . such gorgeousness

2 july
i've been trying to keep up the habit on flickr.... but this month you can play along with habit . for all of july post your photos/words [30 or less] in the habit pool . molly and emily will pick participants. [this pool is another great way to waste some time]

hope everyone is well....


sophia said…
to be honest...deadlines scare me these days. the days go by so quickly just trying to get things like laundry under control (; another life i wish i could be a cinematographer.
I like your necklaces. Your Papa story was a real treat too. Thanks for sharing them both.
Morgan said…
I love those necklaces? What did you make the necklacey part out of?
julie said…
such pretty necklaces..

perfect job..i think mine would be a mix of set designer/creator, sculptor, illustrator, interior designer and art therapist..

still dying to see the interior of your studio. xx
It's not easy being creative and practical; i always think that they are polar opposites. Funny, like you I sometimes turn to jewellery making as an opt out option and think it could be a challenging alternative to drawing/painting/assembling; but then I realise that I love what I do and feel lucky to have made this choice. Happy whatever ing! Linda x
My Owl Barn said…
Your necklaces are beautiful! Also, Poppytalk Summer color week was fun. So much talent amazes me.
gracia said…
I have finished artwork for an exhibition much earlier than normal and feeling what it is like to be a tortoise instead of a hare. It does not suit me well. With the extra time, I am making things more elaborate and adding, adding, adding.

Love your necklaces... they look like such a joy to wear... your dear friends are lucky indeed.

hugs, g xo
bugheart said…
yikes! halfway?!?
what a scary thought.
i know what you
mean about all-nighters...
i can't do those anymore
and i don't even
have a little one.
here's to being
in the remaining
weeks of july!
ps thank for the
necklace again!
Anne said…
Those are very lovely necklaces... Now Id really love to see your studio, haha. Very creative!
Beth said…
Such.... Pretty... Necklaces! I love the pictures as usual, they look fabulous. :)
Katrina said…
my gosh, we ARE already 1/2 way through the year. yikes! how did that happen? in another life, i think i'd be a marine biologist, an interior designer, or a forest ranger!

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