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the amazing project hereby to be referred to as the GREAT OFFICE CLEAN-UP or GOC has begun. it's in it's infancy, but it's happening. old anthropologie catalogs recycled, papers are being shuffled, re-organized, re-stacked. boxes are being moved into the studio where they will have to be shuffled, re-organized and absorbed into other boxes and the like. this phase 1 of cleaning resulted in 2 things. a bunch of sneezing, and the re-discovery of above.... plexi plastic samples that i garnered from somewhere. i love them. i think they'll have to go on the wall as art.

i have a thing for objects arranged by color [or in color scheme]. or things that are just plain colorful. i do. if it was considered an addiction i might need to seek professional help. hello my name is lisa and i'm a color-aholic. [miniature-aholic too].


art in a box :: aug

i just finished my piece for august's art in a box .

i have to say - art in a box has inspired me and allowed me to be a bit free in the studio. it's a singular piece [although sometimes i dig something out of my flat files or archives to put in] - it can be kind of quick, and whimsical, and doesn't have to fit into what i've been doing otherwise in the studio.

i dug out some of the letterpress prints that didn't make it into the edition . and just had fun on top of it. thanks to paper monkey press for the lovely letterpress work. [i always rub my finger over these prints with respectful glee].

art in a box :: aug :: detail


june 2010 anthropologie

the rainbow here is on the right.... in the GOC i ended up recycling many a anthropoligie catalog, but not before tearing out a few sheets first.

how much would i love to just enter the scene on the left? so calm. so reflective. the detail of blue striping on the sides/front of that sofa slay me. and i still love birdcages. they haven't been overused for me ... at least not yet.... and that necklace? something about how wild and sophisticated it is simultaneously appeals to me.....


and one last good thing:

shanna's decal in my studio

shanna's garland decal in my studio. a sneak peek of my studio for you. a corner of it. more to come soon. i promise. the architect who built it was here the other day and took photo after photo of the outside... and i promised that come jan when all my shows are complete i will do a massive clean-up organization and photo the inside properly. that will be the GREAT STUDIO CLEAN UP .... in the meantime - get your own decal


Anonymous said…
this is why we are friends! my sewing space is arranged by color and my co-workers tease me because I love love love organizing the bolts of fabric by little color themes. Color = obsession!
julie said…
color- aholic! lol! i think these would look pretty cool on the wall.

looking forward to the bigger peeks into your creative space xx
bugheart said…
well you know
how i feel about
things arranged
by color...

you might want
to take advantage
of my visit
in december
for the
big studio clean.
you know how
i love to organize.

Your corner is really great. The hat boxes (right?) are lovely.
gracia said…
"re-organized and absorbed into other boxes and the like"... I love this description of the things absorbed into other boxes of similar ilk... closely resembles own pattern.
Anonymous said…
organizing and cleaning seem tiresome at times but often lead to "discovering" old things that once were meaningful and beautiful. it is intereting to see if they still are!

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