calder, hearts, and haircuts

remember calder

first off thanks for the MODify/d love. very kind of you all. i hope this turns out to be a fruitful venture that we get to keep working on. fingers crossed.

so i finally made it to sfmoma to see the calder to warhol fisher collection before it closes [tomorrow]. it's been embarrassingly too long since i've gone to that museum. i have to say i was kind of dying with curiosity over the fisher collection [founder of the gap] - knew it was huge. knew it had to have some good pieces in it.... i'm always wondering how people go about amassing a collection like that anyway. how does it reflect their taste, art trends, etc. etc?

as i wandered around i started thinking - why did they collect so many chuck closes and warhols [who i think is a genius, but they didn't have the best pieces] and only one figurative thiebaud ? where in the world did they house the stellas and polkes that are just SO LARGE [i this moment of panic when i realized that i haven't made any BIG work in awhile. it's not that i think bigger is better, but bigger does have a different impact]?

i just about DIED in the agnes martin room.... and the gustons killed me too. [i have to wonder, though - did they show them all together as the museum did? or were they scattered around in different buildings/areas]. and then this itty bitty calder made my heart stop. i'm not usually a huge fan of calder. i think he's fine, but he never gets me all teary eyed or excited. until now. this little wall mounted piece just really got to me. i wanted to take it home in the worst way. i can't find a photo of it anywhere online [darn you sfmoma], so i came home and did a really dorky sketch of it. it doesn't look like the above at all, but the above reminds me of it... so that will have to do...

what else happened this week?

doily heart commission

i finished a doily heart commission for a cardiac nurse ....

my mom celebrated her birthday [we went to the palace hotel for lunch. oooh fancy.] and stopped at the japanese sweet store across the street minamoto kitchen . if you want to pretend you are in japan for 15 minutes. go there. everything feels HYPER japanese.... i got this little treat to eat. [oh how i love mochi]

16 september

and.... i got my haircut [finally]. this is an out-take photo from the one i posted on flickr [the top of my head is cut off, so it doesn't really show the HAIR]. but i haven't said HI here in awhile so HI!

hair do outtake

see you soon!


Leah said…
Love the hair, Lisa -- super chic! (And the art, too, of course ... ;-)
Tracy said…
guston and martin. swoon. and your haircut too :)
Katrina said…
hi you! we haven't been to the sfmoma in awhile either, though i often "mean to". love the new commissioned drawing and love the new cut too.
Eireann said…
yes on the haircut!

and--i love calder. have since i was tiny. he's legendary in our house. glad you were able to connect with him. happy new school year!
Dawn said…
hi lisa :) i've been wondering for awhile, what is your mix? perhaps you shared it somewhere, i'm sorry. you're such a pretty lady! your haircut makes me want to chop off all my hair, haha... so many people would hate me if i did that.
bugheart said…
an amazing
calder room
in the national gallery.
i have to go there
every time
i am in the gallery.
wish i could
have gone
to the show
with you...
it sounds
Anonymous said…
You look smashing in your new "do!"
Oh sheesh, I missed the exhibition. It's been embarrassingly too long since I've been there too. No more coulda woulda shoulda, I've got to get over there. I love the way you mention your "doily heart commission for a cardiac nurse" as if it's no big thing. It's wonderful. You are a woman of many talents. And...who does your hair? It looks great.
jenifer lake said…
hi cute you. let's make a date to see the clare rojas at the sfmoma artists gallery soon.
Esti said…
great hair, great yellow blouse too.

It's funny about the collection. When in a museum I tend to forget that some pieces were previously hanging on somebody's wall. They usually seem to have been made to be exhibited in a museum, especially the big pieces. And yes, i agree, the big format has an extra impact.

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