lists and things

the other day i was feeling entirely overwhelmed with what i had to accomplish in one day [and on this topic have you seen frecklewonder's post on busy?]. i've given up trying to think about what needs to get done in any other increment than daily. i've been dabbling with keeping a to do list in my calendar book, or using teux deux but neither of those were working really.

a book of lists

so i decided to make a book of lists. my to-do list. daily. so i could cross things out [so satisfying] or carry things over to the next day. also a place where i could record silly events that happened that day - or places i went - or things that the little said to me [because she is SO funny with her talking these days].

a bookoflists 2

it's not anything fancy. sometimes i doodle. sometimes i don't. those of you who have known me for long enough know i like parameters and daily routines [ drawing a day anyone? i'm actually using the pens pictured at the end of that post for the book - a lot].

i guess i'll see if i can keep it up till the book is full? in general i love seeing lists and other people's ways/means of organizing or getting through their day.

there's this great book on lists [from an exhibition at the smithsonian] that i spied at sfmoma when i was there....

there's also this flickr group on lists, but it doesn't seem very active. i wonder if lists are going to go by the wayside as we get more and more integrated with our hand held technological devices.....

and in the studio ::::::::::::::::

a very small varigated doily

i finished this very small variegated doily to "float" above a painting i'm working on. it's crocheted with a 1.55mm hook and sewing thread. i guess i should be thankful that my eyes still work fairly well ! sometimes i wonder if there's a way to make them even smaller and more delicate.....

while making this doily i immediately thought of anne wilson's work.

anne wilson

i love her table top installations of weird interconnected thread like worlds. i was really sad a few years back when i had to miss her speaking on her work. i would have loved to hear what she had to say.


and in other news. i turn a year older this week. i don't have anything planned other than the hopes of getting more things crossed off my list. maybe some cake.


bugheart said…
i have
a little
book of lists
but you inspire me
to make
a bigger
better one
for october
{love lists
like things
the little said}.

happy almost
jenifer lake said…
cake! yes! & lists & thread, i like it a lot.
amisha said…
i know i said this already but the lists are helping so much over here- thank you for the nudge :) i was such a listmaker in the past and stopped this past year, i think from feeling overwhelmed- but it's worse to try to remember it all. and crossing something off is so satisfying. (i am also frequently guilty of adding already-done things to the list so i can cross them off. yep.)
also, love love love the doily.
Di said…
Happy Birthday!!
I love your book of lists- a beautiful and special way to capture what might otherwise be mundane.
There are a couple of days during the week when I do write myself a list of things to do- a handy reminder on the days I'm at home, but it's just scrawled on an envelope from the recycled-envelope-note-paper-bundle that sits on the corner of the kitchen bench. Nothing so beautiful or thoughtful as your book.
Love your lacework too!
barbarabeesblog said…
Happy Birthday!
I like your book of lists. I'm always doing lists, because my brain seems to be a sieve. But my lists are always on loose paper or old envelopes so the mess increases. So I might try it with a book, like you do. Thank you for your good idea!
Anonymous said…
HAPPY, HAPPY B-day! I hope you find time to celebrate amidst the long list(s) of things to do....THAT is as, if not more, important than getting things done.
sophia said…
happy birthday lisa!
Esti said…
I love making lists, and they pretty much look alike, all of them. It's be fantastic to keep track of every list like you are doing. In some years time I could see if I've fulfill part of what a plan daily or anything at all.
I just love your delicate floating doily--so pretty. Happy Birthday!
shisomama said…
happy birthday, lisa. a friend just brought over a cake from crixa cakes and i was reminded of how much i love their sweets (although they are rather humorless there). xo!
gracia said…
You are right, the cross out is so very rewarding. Sometimes I dabble and employ a tick but this is never as rewarding as the strike through.

Happy Birthday to you, dear one. Happy belated birthday. (I'm finding blog feet again after spell overseas and without a computer. Just an old phone for contact and a whole heap of drinking in the sights of gallery collection after gallery collection.)

g xo
shari said…
can't believe i missed your birthday! eek. hope it was a good one. love the book of lists idea. you are full of such great ideas these days. thanks for sharing. xo

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