so here it is! the new biz i hinted to last week is..... [drum roll please!] MODify/d

my latest venture with my friend and partner Candice Gold. Candice worked in the high stakes NY fashion industry for years. we met over 10 years ago and consistently talked about doing something together that encompassed our values. she always hated all the waste that she saw in the garment business.... and i've definitely been on board with trying to re/use and be as eco-conscious as i can.... soooo.... last year we started thinking about how we could re/purpose and re/cycle damages, leftovers and samples - things that would normally be thrown away. we get oodles of stuff from white and warren and isda & co to turn into new stuff.


we've been making hats, fingerless gloves, pillows and endangered species stuffies ever since.... it's really fun to try and give new life to things. oh and i can mention that so much of what we work with is CASHMERE. ooohh ahhh soft and lovely.....

here's some other pics of what we do:

MODify/d - endangered stuffies

MODify/d - endangered stuffie

MODify/d - tweed pillows

MODify/d - dog bed

this bed isn't listed yet, but it will be soon.

so there you have it....
visit our site : MODify/d
our etsy store : etsy

if you want to know when we upload new stuff to our shop please follow us on twitter ! we'll be uploading new goodies to the shop the rest of the week !

releasing held breath now!


patricia said…
Congratulations Lisa! What a great idea. LOVE the pillows.
mary said…
Love it, Lisa! It's a fantastic idea and great designs. Very exciting!
UNIFORM natural said…
you are awesome. I'm blown away. Such a great, sustainable idea!
And cute cute things:)
this is really amazing Lisa.
bugheart said…
woop woop!
to the both
of you...
is so cute!
This collaboration is amazing! Lisa I've just been looking over your website and etsy shop and it all is fantastic! Such heart and beauty. Congratulations to the both of you, I hope you are celebrating. :)
Molly said…
brilliant! adorable items and great way to re-use. Similarly I've talked about teaming up with a friend for a long while as well. I trust this is as rewarding as it is fun. Good luck, Lisa!
wendy said…
oh so great - yeah glad that it is up and running - love {was thinking about trying to pick one but can't} everything.
melissa s. said…
this is genius and beautiful, all together. i'm off to share with my friends! hugs hugs.
anna said…
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Such a great idea! Congratulations!
jen said…
awesome, lisa! congratulations.
claire platt said…
how exciting! the pieces look incredible!
Katrina said…
gorgeous!!! congrats to you. can't wait to peruse the etsy shop. (i am continually amazed at all the things you manage to do! this too.) off to your shop, k.
sophia said…
wow! that. is. awesome!
congrats on this new venture lisa.
shop is adorable.
louise said…
You rock..... totally fantastic! xo lj
PS I think the dog bed will be a big hit.
abby try again said…
Congrats, lisa!
Love it all-but am esp. enamored with those pillows.
shisomama said…
congratulations on the new venture, lisa! your products look amazing, and i can't wait to see what else you guys have up your sleeves (no bad pun intended!).
shari said…
congrats! it all looks wonderful. i think i'm in love with the cashmere whale. xo
Excellent concept! Way to go, Lisa.

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