working your own doily installation - proof !

the working proof - a new print of mine

have you heard of the working proof ? they are a cool organization bringing affordable art to the masses by some of my favorite artists and donating part of the proceeds to worthy causes.

the working proof - pilot wheel doilies !

remember when i had my sol lewitt moment and got to cover a building with doilies? and remember when i bought my own vinyl cutting machine? i thought it would be cool if i could generate a print that allowed people to put doilies wherever THEY wanted. so here it is.

you get 3 doilies in the "print" - they come with a certificate of authenticity and instructions on how to install them. you can also see how to install them on my website .

the print launches today [tuesday :: october 5th] at 1:30pm eastern time.

the working proof - pilow wheel doilies !

i put a set up in my studio. i think they are going to stay ... but i'm hoping that people try them on windows, or furniture, or the floor even. that would be so cool....

there's a little interview of me that the working proof conducted. i think it will be viewable from my page on their site... or you check out their newsletter to read it.


i'm really enjoying this drawing series by james mcmullan . [thanks dad for the tip!]

i wish i knew i could pull off sewing this toddler backpack . cause i really want to make one

i'm super duper excited about stephanie syjuco's upcoming project shadow shop


3 october

she's become very interested in "brellas" and rain. i have these rice paper umbrellas that she likes to open and carry around, but they are a bit cumbersome and hard for her to navigate through the house with. i had a lightbulb moment and remembered i had a couple of cocktail umbrellas stashed in my desk. she was so excited that it was little and she could carry it all over by her "self".

i've always liked cocktail umbrellas, but now i have a whole new love for them.

happy week.


What a clever and beautiful idea for your Working Proof print Lisa. Fantastic!
Your doilies look great! Can't wait to visit Shadow Stop. My first thought is 'cool concept!', but then I pause. I've thought a lot about 'affordable art'. It's a tough concept, considering artists are not typically rolling in $. I was a TA for a fabulous photographer (and person) who was less than pleased when he was asked to be involved in such things. One day he received a "would you like to..." call and was fuming. I happened to be in the room, so he told me his thoughts. On one hand I understand where he was coming from, but I've also donated work and time and have included affordable work in affordable exhibitions. I suppose I'm on both sides of the fence.
bugheart said…
a genius.
can't wait
to get my hands
on one.
i think the
entomology dept
could use
a doily or two, no?
bugheart said…
just in case
my last comment

i wanted
to say
are brilliant
i think
the entomology
could use
a doily
Katrina said…
hooray for your doilies everywhere! and the shadow shop looks amazing. wow oh wow.
Yellow said…
I posted about your lovely doilies just now and in linking to your blog, I came back to this post. I hate that I missed it earlier, but it felt like perfect symmetry after a long and less-aligned day.
Anonymous said…
KUDOS to you for your ongoing efforts to make art affordable for people! And the doilies are lovely, of course. How great you get inspired by your cc. You are BLESSED!
annamaria said…
Beautiful! I love this idea! your doilies are fantastic!I haven't been for a while and it makes me so happy to be visiting here!Thanks for the awesome links-
gracia said…
They look so great! Congratulations. Big and excitable congratulations! I hope you get to see a photo or tow of them on a window or similar. And here's to those cute little cocktail umbrellas having a whole new love for you... when charming becomes all the more endearing.

hugs, g xo
mari said…
Those doilies are fab. They really are! And I loved your previous post on lists. I always knew, somehow, you had beautiful handwriting.
shari said…
oh lisa. what a brilliant idea. xo

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