where have all the trees gone? - a photo tour

where have all the trees gone - install2

hello there. so... here's my show. when i first conceived of the show i envisioned a whole room of doily trees - on the floor that you would have to walk through. i started researching a way to make thousand of doily trees, but even if i paid slave labor wages in china it wasn't really going to work. sigh.

so i started thinking about other ways to depict the beauty and horror of the deforestation. and this is what i came up with. i think i'll just let the pictures talk now.

where have all the trees gone - install1

where have all the trees gone - install3

where have all the trees gone - install4

in the background here is all my vinyl stickers that i weeded. i put them in a "tree ring" - starting with a vital healthy doily in the center - each ring is slightly lighter in color until we get to the brown ring... the death of the forest.

tierras bajas quilt 1

the other thing i came up with is these 2 "quilts" - my interpretation of the nasa images in felt. i made the small one first and then "graduated" to the larger version

tierras bajas - quilt 2

this one is 86" tall.....

tierras bajas aerial all 6

and then i made a series of paintings based on a black and white image of the tierras bajas deforestation. i basically just copied what i saw... and added a doily [or 2 or 3]

tierras bajas aerial - detail

you can see all the images i took of the show here in this pictobrowser viewer/slideshow.... if you are in a reader you might have to click out to view this [you can visit the set of images on flickr esp. if you want to see their size info, etc.]

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

would love to know what you think
and if you get to see the show at angels gate . i'd love to know that too. it's up through january 8th... and then i think a new gallery in SF is going to show it in february..... or a version of it :)


a quick note - tomorrow night i have a piece in the Aesopica show - curated by the working proof and at rare device . i'm going to try and stop by the opening, but the little is coughing and sick again - so i'm not sure... i'll show you the piece i made next week !!


Anne Marie said…
Thank you for showing more pictures. It is amazing how we can be part of your exhibition even if we are on the other side of the world.
oh, i wish i could see it in person. it really looks great, lisa. it's so thought provoking - i imagine it would be even more so up close.
Camilla Engman said…
Wow! So many new things. It all looks fantastic. Great work/show.
betsy said…
this show looks extraordinary, lisa. i wish i could see it in person! congratulations! xo
Maitreya said…
Wow, everything looks wonderful, Lisa. The NASA felt things are just fantastic.
Eireann said…
congratulations, lisa!
melissa s. said…
so wonderful! congrats to you and i hope the little fells better soon!
sophia said…
lisa, this show...your work--is awesome...and jaw dropping. i really wish i could see this show in person. hope the little gets well.
barbarabeesblog said…
Great, great work Lisa! It's really stunning, I love all of it, but my favorit are the little trees on the pedestal. I really admire your work I've to admit. And I have no idea how you managed it with a little child around your neck.
louise said…
Looks great, Lisa. I especially like the look of your black and white paintings. Wish I could see them in person... sigh... one day perhaps? xo lj P.S. Hope the little is on the mend.
anna said…
Really wonderful, Lisa. Beautiful and heartbreaking all at once.

shari said…
stunning work. i'm speechless. it was so so so good to see you last week. xo
Kathryn said…
Powerful work, love the quilts.
rori said…
amazing! really loving the new quilt direction- i love looking out airplanes and seeing the fields laid out in grids and circles, this has a similar feel but much deeper meaning. Wish I could have seen it in person!
I like the shadows cast by the doily trees too.
julie said…
lisa, its all beautiful. I really like the quilted pieces - so strong.
and i love the black and white paintings too very map-like and abstract and full of layers. xx
gracia said…
Great work, Lisa. It looks a fantastical show and one I'd like to walk through and see the work in person. Congratulations to you... g xo
Wow, Lisa. Wonderful work.

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