where have all the trees gone?

angels gate - sneak peek 1

hello sad neglected blog. hello sad neglected internets. you know when there are just too many things going on at one time? when you are just pulled to the limit in every extreme and feel like your right arm wants to go south, your left arm north, your right leg east and your left leg west? yeah. and your head - well it's just somewhere else entirely. that's been me.

intellectually i know that everyone has something going on behind the scenes of their life. the stuff that you don't let onto. the stuff that is just there, that you take care of, that piles up and washes in and out like the tide. but sometimes that stuff just takes over. and that's been me too.

in any case - i have spent the last few days in sunny southern california - land of the many burger joints, and bunting flags [they are EVERYWHERE] and as wendy pointed out the land of doughnut shops too. i've been furiously working on my show :: WHERE HAVE ALL THE TREES GONE

Tierras Bajas Deforestation, Bolivia

i saw this image [from nasa] of the deforestation of tierras bajas bolivia and it haunted me. simultaneously beautiful and sad it immediately reminded me of doilies [of course].

the whole show revolves around my interpretation of this image/theme.

where have all the trees gone

there is felt, there are doilies, there is a giant wall piece of vinyl doily stickers, there are ghost doily trees, some black and white paintings with 3D elements, and a topiary doily corner.... all of which i will show you very soon.

tonight i leave you with sneak peeks... and info on the show.

angels gate - sneak peek 3

where have all the trees gone
3601 South Gaffey Street, San Pedro, California 90731
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm

there is an opening tomorrow - Sunday the 7th - from 2-4pm - and i, the little and my folks will be there. if anyone is around it would be great to see you !

there's also a FANTASTIC drawing show upstairs in the main gallery.
this is marshall astor's last curatoral gig with the center - and i've had a wonderful time working with him. thanks marshall!

the show is up through january 8th, 2011 [so there's lots of time to check it out if you are in LA or headed to LA or???]

angels gate - sneak peek 2

pics of the whole show will be available soon. i'll post some here and they'll end up in the flickr set too.


patricia said…
I can't imagine what the whole thing looks like if this is a sneak peek. Have a great show!
Lisa thank you for giving us a peek and telling us a little bit about the content. It's hard to think about things like deforestation but good to know it inspires art. Hope you have a fun time today at the opening!
jan said…
Wow, this looks so interesting. Best wishes for a great show Lisa!
It looks great, Lisa. I'm still smitten with those little trees. Looking forward to more pics.
betsy said…
Oh, how I would love to see this show. And you. xo
Camilla said…
I wish I could be at this show- i've been a teeny bit involved with some shows at Angels Gate in the past, thanks to Edith Abeyta and Marshall too- I bet it is going to be wonderful.
barbarabeesblog said…
Best wishes for your show, I can't wait to see more about that - unfortunately I live to far away to just drop by.
Katrina said…
dear you: i figured you were up to something just this magical. go you! i can't wait to see more photos and i'm already swooning with your title. my poetry manuscript (still pushing around the desk drawers) has a similar title: relationship to trees. so, i'm hooked. let's have tea soon! xoxo, k.
sophia said…
can't wait to see more!
julie said…
congratulations lisa. it all sounds and looks wonderful. the idea behind it all.. wow! enjoy the show.. wishing.. as usual xx
louise said…
It looks fantastic, Lisa. Congratulations. I hope the opening went splendidly. I'm sure everyone is loving the new work and wonderful title too. xo lj
Anonymous said…
I was at the opening and LOVED it! The little white 'trees' are magical. The photos are very powerful images for one to consider. GREAT work, Lisa!
Anne Marie said…
I love how you always explain the inspiration or motivation behind your art and se how that inspiration or idea is interpreted.

Looking forward to more photos.
annamaria said…
Best wishes for your show- it looks fascinating- Hoping to see more photos soon-

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