newness + ira glass


so... saturday night "newness" opened. i'm so thrilled to be in the company of heather smith jones and jen garrido . plus it's always a joy to work with susan and art stream studios . i made 10 new pieces for the show. looking back now - i think i've been really busy in the art department this year !

doily no.99 pink - detail
Newness, shiny, tangle, holding, reflection, needle, white

These were the “guidelines” in the making of these paintings.

Tangle / holding / newness :: I turned to my Japanese crochet books – because doilies are tangled and because you hold them. Plus if you make them you get a chance to create something new. I see diagrams in these crochet books as road maps – they are so clearly delineated. I love that you don’t need to read a language in order to understand them. If you understand the mark making then you can decipher them bit by bit.

doily no.87 green/white

Newness :: I chose to use the doilies that represented Winter and Spring in the books [they illustrate doilies for the 4 seasons]. Winter for the new year and Spring for new beginnings.

Reflection :: Using Duralar, I drew the diagrams for the doilies on one side and then methodically painted the dots and areas in on the other side. Depending on the results I use either side as the front. The act of painting these reflected the act of crocheting doilies. Stitch by stitch – dot by dot. In both actions there is an exploration of time, of ideas, via a physical activity. Each stitch and each dot is a marker of time – and the accumulation of these small gestures – the repetition of them begins to reflect on work ethic, work that never gets done, time spent…. How do very small gestures communicate and accumulate to generate a larger picture – or affect change in some way?

doily no.85 blue

doily no.84 green/lavender
Shiny/ white :: In many of these paintings I used shiny pigment – silver, gold, and interference paint. I also sometimes used silken threads which are shinier than regular thread. I also used a color and mixed it with whites to create various tints. I also left a lot of white space….

Needle :: this was perhaps the easiest parameter to achieve. In almost all my work I incorporate some aspect of thread – embroidery or stitching – as well as the making of needle holes/marks. These works are no exception. To highlight certain areas, to mimic the act of crochet, and to illuminate the act of process I have embroidered over areas of these pieces. Pulling the work from 2D into 3D and reinforcing the notion of the original intent of the diagrams

you can see all the images from the show here in this pictobrowser [click out of your reader for the slideshow]. all the work is available in artstream's shop . [all the work is framed, by the way].

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5 december

last night i was lucky lucky lucky enough [thanks to victoria from sf girl by the bay for snagging tix] to see ira glass [from this american life ] interviewed by dave eggers .

he is just as smart and funny in person as he is on the radio. anyone who is that inspired and honest about what they do is simply put amazing. [oh the AESTHETICS of radio? yes yes. the AESTHETICS of anything? i'm so there. let's talk aesthetics all day shall we?]. plus he can quote buffy the vampire slayer [ah back when i could still watch TV]...

there is nothing like being able to see someone inspiring like that. it's just so motivating. i wanted to change the world. change how i make things, change what i photograph, change how i blog, change i interact with people - all for better aesthetics.... and a greater good too.

the above photo was from last night - and i posted it on habit . this month they have asked the contributors from 2010 to participate .... i've been trying to keep up the habit with some success see here .


p/s - did anyone make it to the aqua art fair in miami? i had some work in fouladi projects room.


Anonymous said…
Lisa this new work is absolutely stunning!!! There's something about the colors and the delicacy of them, you have truly captured the essence of what the show's about.

And I'm so jealous you saw Ira. Love him!
sfgirlbybay said…
i was just as motivated! i feel crazy with inspiration! i'm so glad we could be there together!

and, i love this shot! xo, v.
shutterbean said…
i hope to see your work in person- one day soon! How jealous I am of your date to see Ira Glass! He's my favorite. xo
Susan Schwake said…
your work was thrilling people in droves -- all of the "fiber people" were just awestruck and the others were all drawn in too. it's the most beautiful i have seen yet of your work and want them all for my own.

ira? oh goodness you lucky lucky thing.
sophia said…
lisa..your work is beautiful,and your detailed descriptions are always so put so much thought into the work you put out there.
in regards to ira..meeting someone or seeing someone do a talk/interview you admire in real life IS inspiring. you realize they are people too, and you somehow feel a bit more connected and usually come out with more admiration and respect for that individual. what a treat to see him!
shisomama said…
these pieces feel so feminine to me. they seem like little jewels. though i have the feeling that they are even more so in person, since i think you work feels different once you can see it up close in person.

and i just love ira. i had such a huge crush on him for years and years! i saw him ages ago in person with OKGo as special musical guest, and it was so much fun to see how the show gets made.
Katrina said…
i LOVE your new work. love, love, love... that's 3 loves. i have been out of blog touch, but so glad you'll be our neighbors at renegade. we can shoot paper airplanes back & forth to say hello!
Jacqui Dodds said…
Lisa the work form the new show is just amazing and very thoughtful. The delicate work is very evocative of the landscape here at the moment as we have been experiencing very thick white frosts.
Anonymous said…
THANKS for sharing such lovely work. As a non-artist it always helps me when you write about some of the thinking process that went into your making such beautiful pieces. I, too, would love to see it in person so I could see how it shimmers and glows. How you get this kind of work done amidst all your other activities in life is simply amazing and inspiring!!
Anne Marie said…
These are beautiful Lisa! And I LOVEd reading the inspiration and thought behind them.

Beautiful work!
louise said…
You sure have made a lot of wonderful work this year... I think you could go as far as saying you've had a very, very, very busy year. Here's to the next one being even better. You sound all motivated and ready to go! xo lj
I would have liked to have seen that interview. Hopefully I'll catch it on the radio, but it won't be the same... You are always able to articulate the thinking behind your beautiful work so well. Very inspiring.
julie said…
this work is beautiful - i like the 'cleaness' of it and the use of white space. they seem so fitting for the festive season too. i just love those greens.

so good to be motivated and inspired like this xx
gracia said…
That blue! So beautiful. All of it. 2010 has been a magical and full and new year for you... I'll keep my fingers crossed 2011 proves also to be a charmer.

be well, hugs to all, g xo
Esti said…
every single piece is beautiful. The intricate and elaborate shapes that look simple are all stunning. Love the colors too.
where have i been?
love love love your new pieces.
and ira glass?! you lucky girl.
i listen to this american life while i's my very favorite thing on the radio.
You have amazing artistic skills and that is proved by these art pieces. They all look great and have some uniqueness. I would surely like to see some more efforts like this of your art work in some art exhibition!

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