h e l l o 2011 - better late than never

7 january
um. should i just pretend that it hasn't been over 2 weeks since i posted?
[and that photo has nothing to do with anything other than i like the fact that i have a thimble that says home on it]

perhaps that's the best handle on this situation. oh i had fleeting hopes of putting up a year in review post - or a happy new year post - or any other slightly commemorative, introspective, and nuanced piece of congratulatory happy happy merry merry wow we made it posting.

i admit it got easy to simply not post. to just cocoon and to enjoy the little's excitement over her new gifts - at the wonder of santa eating her christmas cookie. to go to bed ridiculously early on new year's eve mistily remembering the days that i found it thrilling to great the new year at the stroke of midnight. to succumb to hat wearing indoors and the loss of and subsequent return of studio time.

when i look over my flickr account over the last year there is very little to report. there are my weekly mostly private little photos. some habit shots, the making of art and very little else. long gone are the days of photographing, or for that matter doodling, idling, randomly searching and meandering on the internet for fun. perhaps this is in some ways why i continue to hold onto this space - long after many a good friend has given up blogging, i still feel compelled. perhaps it's also because my mailbox was filled this holiday with very REAL treats - cards, cookies, jams, books, and more from many people who i am fortunate to call friend that i have met from this space.

and so... here we are again. in a new year. and what, pray tell, am i up to?

sneek peek - new drawing

furiously i work on an exhibition that will open at gallerie nicoletta rusconi in milan in april. i normally wouldn't discuss this, but tickets have been bought and so i'm fairly certain that this is beyond jinxing.

sneak peek - sculpture

i'm planning on a large large wall piece, and a room full of drawings... and some sculpture. [insert trepidation here - because afterall, my work is usually somehow tied to the wall - literally and figuratively speaking]. and so i really should be working on those things instead of typing here, but...

mama's hat

the little turns TWO this week on wed. cliche it may be, but i am beyond amazed that 2 years have passed. when i think of her 5 pounds and tiny and blinking under a silly blue and white striped baby hat compared to her now - a very independent and ever talkative [yesterday in the car she decided to point out every dirty road sign and what shape and color they were. when i said oh really is it dirty? what should we do? she would claim loudly - yes mama ! dirty sign ! clean it ! i clean it ! mama wash it ! more dirty signs mama ! i find dirty signs !] bundle of toddlerhood... well... i think i can hold it together, but man - she'll be what - 10 before i can blink?

speaking of being a mommy : you can actually read a interview of me by dana on her blog leililaloo. "balancing" - a series of questions she posed about being creative and being a mother. truth be told it took me MONTHS to actually get her my responses - i blame not being able to balance everything as much as i wish i could.

and with that - i think i'll bid you adieu... i do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to share with you soon. i'm going to be guest posting now and again on another blog this year... my last post here holds a clue to that... should be fun.

hope 2011 brings health and happiness, good surprises, and moments of sublime sweetness to you.


shari said…
happy 2011!! i'm glad you are continuing to blog. your april exhibit sounds amazing. italy! i've never been. xo
mari said…
I think your little cutie WILL be 10 before you know it. Happy New Year!
sophia said…
i love visiting here too.
and milan!?! can't wait to see snippets of that!!
she'll be 5! before you can blink!;)
toddlerhood--i do miss it...i'm somewhat mourning now.
loved reading the interview on balancing lisa!
amy k. said…
oh wow, that is wonderful. and I am glad you are blogging too, however and whenever it happens.
Kathleen said…
happy new year Lisa! so exciting about your milan show...getting closer and closer to sweden;) just a matter of time.

happiest birthday to miss fi. my how time flies! sounds like she is a young lady of discerning tastes too. If she starts pointing out dirty signs that ALSO have bad kerning you let me know:)
Anonymous said…
You may not feel it yourself but you are an inspiration to others who try to find a way to balance their home and professional lives. It IS a challenge!! Your little will be so proud of you and your work once she gets a little older....
louise said…
Happy New year, Lisa, and happy second birthday CC. Sounds like it's going to be another busy and amazing year ahead for you. I for one am very glad you keep this space, the blogging world wold not feel the same to me if you left it. xo lj
gracia said…
Here's to 2011 being a wonderful one of brightness and cheer and art and love.

Two!? Already? Gosh! Sending birthday cheer to your sweet little one alongside my wishes for the still New(ish) Year.

be well, g xo
Camilla Engman said…
Hi Lisa, no envelope in sight. I'll keep you posted.
jan said…
Oh wow, Italy! How exciting! How I'd love to go along! So excited to having you join us this year, it's going to be the best!

And the little - 2 did fly by, and yes so will the next and the next...

: )


Anne Marie said…
Happy 2011!!! Milan in spring sounds like a real treat. And your little girl is too funny!

Looking forward to see your work this year.

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