playing with others

red dress

poppytalk is hosting winter color week. today is red . i remember when i used to play along with color weeks ... ahh.... but i can play today - as i have this fresh stack of polaroids that i took ... i spent a whole morning shooting shot after shot. i probably should have been doing a million other things, but i have a fridge full of expired 600 film and it has to get used. and i had the itch.

11 january

the other news is that i started a guest column over there... on poppytalk. i've decided to start a "make believe collection" . my own little self-indulgent posts about what art i would like to collect if i could have whatever i wanted. [price, scale, availability be damned]. i'm going to keep images of all my wants on pinterest for now - eventually i'd like to put them into dream rooms in my dream house... i'd love to know what you would collect. or if you agree/disagree with my choices as time goes on....

thread diptych

more polaroid goodness. i so missed taking them. really i did.

sprout studio collaboration

and in other collaborating news. jen of sprout studio asked me to come up with a necklace design for her artist of the month necklace series . i really kind of want one of each, but that seems a bit impractical. here's me .


and in other news... it's finally sunny. and not ultra freezing cold. and the little's birthday was full of pancakes and park and presents. she's having a party this weekend. i wonder if she'll wear a hat... [my money is on no]. we got to meet karen and baby lola and dada stefan yesterday... tartine and dolores park.... i wish more of my blog mom friends lived closer....

happy week to you!


Cally said…
Lisa Lisa helloooooo!
It's been so long, I've missed your blog, your entire perspective on art, so much. And I've missed out on the way motherhood must have changed your life. Tiring but wonderful I'm guessing?

Guess who this is, it's Cally (callycreates)! I know, people thought i'd rotted into the furniture (almost true) & though i don't have the energy to blog anymore I had to tell old blog friends that I posted today, 1st time since '09. I made a travel photo book. Nothing artistic (photo's of doors, cats, postboxes, shutters etc from that wedding visit to France in 2006 - a long time coming eh!), the amazing part is simply that I managed to start AND finish something for the first time in 3 years despite my body's complaints and I had to share my happiness with people who know how much that means, who can grasp the horror of watching your creative life ebb away in and feel the lifebelt moment of hope. Those bed bound days were not entirely wasted & this bloomin' illness hasn't stopped my eyes entirely even though it hinders my hands.
Apologies for 'round robin' portions of this, haven't got the energy to write them all out 100% original. Wishing you a most woderfull year ahead, one day I'll be back to read regularly, I'm determined.
Take care Cally x
julie said…
hello lisa, lovely to see your polas.

and a dream collection - what a fabulous idea! (she says with a glint in her eye :))

i may join in at some point - looking forward to seeing yours. xx
shari said…
i've missed your polaroids, lisa! and i love your contribution to the sprout studio project. beautiful necklaces. xo
Sam said…
The necklaces are really beautiful and I loved your new column on Poppytalk.
gracia said…
Hooray for spontaneous activities such as this! I often find they yield the best or most surprising results. Will now duck across and see your guest posts... great idea. I'm most curious already.

be well, g xo
gracia said…
I do believe I forgot to mention earlier on that I love the look of your necklaces. They are beautiful.
Anonymous said…
The dream collection is a wonderful concept for non artists like myself because it allows me to see work I would otherwise not have any idea even existed. THANKS!
Katrina said…
i love your sprout studio necklaces and i love that you are using polaroids again. they are so satisfying to shoot, unexpected results and instant gratification all at once. love, love.
Your necklace designs are wonderful. Such a great collaboration.

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