please excuse the silence

our bird friend

a little overwhelmed here at casa lisa. 2 classes, a 2 year old, and oh yeah - my show in italy.... that has to be packed and ready to go in weeks [yikes. my heart pounds as i type that]... i am really really enjoying my classes, but i forget how much time it takes to grade and how tired i get at the end of a teaching day. it's a different kind of tired than other types of work creates. sometimes i feel like my head is just spinning - spinning from trying to relate to the students, from thinking non-stop about what sort of information they should have - and how to dole it out - each one needs a different approach - say one thing to one and the doors bust down - say the same thing to their neighbor and their drawings will stiffen up and they'll be set back for weeks. it's this dance. and i love that it makes me think. and it's SO exciting to see their wheels turning and watch their drawings improve, but after driving through crappy traffic all i want to do is [really want to do] is get in a bath and watch a movie - and that just isn't possible.

yes - play your tiny violin for me now. i'm not complaining. i'm really not. i'm damn lucky in every possible way. and thank you chickens for hatching. but i'd be lying if i didn't say that i sometimes wish for an itty bitty tiny amount of down time....

above is our little bird friend. he [and his twins] come and eat peanut butter and bird seed from a feeder my parents gave us every day. we now have to replenish the feeder every couple of days. the little helps. she stands on a chair next to me and gets to eat spoonfuls of peanut butter while i replenish. [i ignore the fact that she also munches on bird seed. eew. and whatever. not fighting that battle]

blurry tulips part deux

hubby supplied me AND the little with flowers on valentines. aaaawwwwweee. it was sweet. he made us valentines too. the little kept asking "what's that say", "what's that say" trying to figure out which was HERS and which was mine.... then came "VA-len-tine" over and over and over....

je t'adore

wenders also sent the cutest bunting flags ever. don't you want to make them for every holiday in every color? i do. i really do. [have i said lately that i miss crafting? - i miss crafting].

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

speaking of crafting.... found these on the purl bee . i have meant to figure out how to crochet a pair of fingerless arm warmer things for like EVER... and now i don't have to count and figure it out - because the numbers are all there - pattern supplied. thank you molly and your sketchbook . i want to make plain ones, striped ones, two tone ones... yeah. when i find that crafting time. [where did i put it? under the bed? at the bottom of my purse w/ all the smushed crackers? it's somewhere. i swear].

and oh ! i did another post on poppytalk - this time on louise bourgeois . [could my job be finding art for people. seriously. anyone want to start an art collection? have a million dollars you want to invest?].

so... you'll have to forgive me if i'm not around here - or internet land in general - very much the next few weeks. i might have to just put my head down and plow ahead to make sure everything gets done as it's supposed to. it doesn't help that i just finally had a brilliant idea that i'm super excited about for the show. thankfully i don't have to pack it up and send it - i can take it with me on the plane [which means i have a few more weeks to make it, but that isn't a heck of a lot of time to execute it. i'm not 22 anymore. i don't like working until the VERY LAST MINUTE [that leaves very little room for error. which makes me so nervous].

anyway - that's my exit cue.
see you all soon. [i hope].


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful V-day! Looks like that bird is a female robin. Your little one is learning all kinds of things everyday.
Remember the Little Train That Could.."I think I can," etc.
Tracy said…
i once interviewed for a position managing a corporate art collection they wanted to expand. i thought it would be glorious. alas it didn't happen. love your post on bourgeois. xo can't wait to see what you are up to!
I've been meaning to tell you that I'm so excited for you with your Italy show and your trip! I can't wait to see and hear all about it. :)
wendy said…
so glad you liked the little valentine - and I can't wait to hear about your trip to italy. and your students are beyond lucky to have you teach them with such care. and I wish I could come up and watch some horrible movies with you. maybe after your trip. xoxoxo
amy k. said…
so cool about italy! I also have been meaning to tell you how rad that sounds! and all else, well, an internet break is understandable. i hope you do get that bath (and movie!! you know which one I want you to watch) very soon.
gracia said…
All sounds so very very busy that it is little wonder that the promise of a bath and a film holds such great appeal. I hope you get a little time to loaf about soon, to loll about and perhaps craft, perhaps not.

Good luck with finishing preparations for your Italian exhibition. Good luck with all the things on your plate.

g xo
you crazy-busy woman! sounds like all is going well, though. can't wait to hear more about your italy show...hopefully by now, you've had 2 baths. xo.
sophia said…
i love that you even think about that kind of stuff when you are working with your students. realizing that all students learn differently is critical i think.
eating peanut butter and munching on bird seed...that's hilarious. you choose your battles, right?
"i'm not 22...working until VERY LAST MINUTE..."--i just got a flash back of my first couple of yrs at college. i'm exactly the opposite now when it comes to my work now too!
Here's wishing you rest, bath, and a movie...soon. Take care, Denise

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