what you may have heard [or not seen] i'm still here. and semi-functioning. there has been a trifecta of illness to hit the house., 2. little, 3. dada. i have to say that in comparison to the 12 times we were sick last winter this winter is so much better. but being sick is basically for the birds. no wait - i wouldn't wish it on birds. why is it that you really only appreciate being well when you are sick. i think when i finally do feel better [because it's already been a week] i'm going to wake up every morning and wiggle my toes and say to myself - at the very least you are not INSERT FAVORITE SYMPTOM HERE [snot filled/nauseous/sore-throated/hacking up lung]

and can i just get all mommyville and say that NOTHING breaks your heart more than a kid slumped on your chest all fevered and sad and barely audibly tearfully whimpering mama as she coughs.

getting glued

oh ! and i'm completely anxious about getting all my work boxed and shipped of to italy by next week. i seriously have no concept that i'm GOING TO ITALY [where i've never been] because i'm too wrapped up in making sure that the uber fragile work that i'm making [see above - those are glass spheres] is packaged and boxed safely enough to get there. but wait - i'm going to ITALY !! [although i wonder how much i'll actually see since i'm going to be installing a bulk of the time - but who cares. i'm going - there will be old buildings, and a different language being spoken, and a show, and food to eat, and hopefully a day trip to venice and and and]

i just wanted to pop in to say hello. i miss everyone/everything.... i did manage to post on poppytalk - another piece i want for my collection

bye for now.


Oh, Lisa... You poor thing. Italy is one of my favorite places in the world. Just think, soon you will be healthy and in beautiful Italy. Take care, Denise
Louise said…
Hope you're feeling better today, hope CC and Dad on the mend too, and hope the pack goes very well, but most of all I hope you have a wonderful time in Italy. I'm sure it will blow your mind and you will leave completely inspired and full of energy and delicious pasta.

Have a ball! xolj
sophia said…
i was just there last month. you are right on about your choice of word.. to see your little one slumped over not feeling well with eyes welled up with tears...SO heartbreaking.
hope you guys are feeling better today and are on the way to full recovery.
now italy!!you are right...the atmosphere will pull you in regardless. plus you know you will need to eat..and eating you will!!
will you be in milan??
Anonymous said…
Being sick is NOT FUN. Here's wishing you, cc, and dad a VERY speedy recovery! Be sure to sample the capucino and desserts while you are in Itlay. They are 'to die for!' And Venice will blow your mind....
Jacqui Dodds said…
Lisa I can really sympathise with you as I am stuck in with a really bad cold, sore throat, cough etc when I have a hundred things to do. I also know what it is like when little ones are poorly and there doesn't seem to be much you can do except cuddles and keeping warm. If it is any consolation I think that they get worse colds etc when they are young - as they get older it does not seem to be as bad.
As for Italy - I love Italy and you will love Italy!!!!
Where are you going in Italy?

Here are a couple of my blog posts on Italy, one on Lucca and one on Florence:
Eireann said…
remind me when you are going to be in italy--maybe i can get there for a couple of days! drop me an email. :)
Anne Marie said…
Oh.. we have been through a couple of rounds ourself so I know what you mean. I am crossing my fingers that spring will come soon, with warm weather and good health.

I hope you are having fun in Italy!!!
gracia said…
To Italy. To Italy. The adventures you will have.

Hope you are all feeling much better now... big hugs, g xo
patricia said…
So sorry to hear about all the illness stuff. Yuck. Yuck.

Italy is definitely on my travel list... someday. I'm so happy for you! And that sneak peek looks very scrumptious. It'll all go well I'm sure!
Katrina said…
you are going to italy! (just wanted to remind you again. SO exciting.) i can't wait to see photos of your trip and your installation and all of it. hope you are feeling better very very soon.
molly said…
i can only imagine italy was wonderful, no matter how much you saw of it!
amisha said…
the spheres are incredible! are they crocheted around glass? or is the crochet made of something different? beautiful.

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