duomo in the setting sun

i have so many balls in the air at the moment that this blog and my blog reading has pretty much been thrown up up up in the hope that i can eventually catch it and continue on as if nothing had happened. [wishful thinking?]

OK so milan. it probably wouldn't be the place i would choose if i were going to pick a city of my dreams to travel to in italy [of course you think florence or rome or the vast countryside] - but it's what was chosen for me... and i'm not in the least bit upset about my fortune.

little inside duomo

i mean really. how can you go wrong with old buildings, a massive gothic chruch, wrought iron details, red architectural accents, a distinct color yellow for buildings, shutters, cute new fiats and vespas everywhere, big plazas, mosaics, magnolias blooming, fancy shops, fresh mozzarella cheese, well dressed people, gelato, the best cappuccinos and pastries, chandeliers, and a bunch of people talking - no make that singing - around you [and about your art].

apt :: little in courtyard

we stayed in a loft - this was the courtyard. it was the home of an artist and her son [which i didn't know at all when i first inquired about her space, but we lucked out. toys for the little to play with, and an incredibly kind host]. like many things in italy there was this wonderful duality - a building with SUCH character - and then through this narrow tiny door with a key that you had to turn over and over to lock and unlock it - and you were in a completely modern space - high ceilings, ikea kitchen, tall white walls.... surreal. the director of the gallery [who has lived in many cities in europe and traveled all over the world] told me that she felt like milan was a city of secret gardens - through doors lay courtyards of opulence and beauty if you were able to find them. it seemed true - the building the gallery was in had an amazing garden, and as i walked around i would fervently look through gates and doors to see if i could catch  glimpse....

Cimitero Monumentale : striped facade

i didn't get a chance to do too many touristy things, 1. because i was installing and 2. because when you are traveling with a two year old you have to attempt to keep a napping schedule :)

but we did walk through this amazing cemetery - the cimetrio monumentale. i've never been to a cemetery like it. row after row of huge mausoleums. amazing grave markers and mosaics....

Cimitero Monumental : angel mosaic

Cimitero Monumentale : angel kneeling

Cimitero Monumentale : markers

these photos just about killed me every time i saw them. so amazingly haunting.


we also made it to the castello storzesco . this HUGE castle that houses i don't know how many museums and is one type of architecture built upon another... when you think CASTLE - this could be the huge version that broke the mold.


one of my absolute favorite moments. these stripes. in an alcove on your way through one of the many exists of this castle.


i will remember that the little played with fountains here... and stray cats... and pigeons, and threw her first money into a fountain. and she met a baby - mathilda - they screamed and cooed at one another with glee.


i didn't have a bad cappuccino the entire trip. i mean really - you would think that we could make one just as good in the states. but we don't. really. we don't. at least not consistently.

windows : milano: sheep

windows : milano: dolce gabanna

so milan is the center of fashion and shopping, right? so evident by the windows...

150 years italy

baba in italy

there are MANY MANY more photos - and still a few more to come... you can see them all in my MILANO flickr set . i will try and show you venice - and explain how magical it was there [considering i was there for one afternoon]... and my show... yes. the show. the reason. the why. the how i got to go.... that too... but here's one of the gallery women all dressed up and adorable for the opening

cute rafaella

till soon.


Wow, what a fantastic trip, and you brought so many great memories home. Fun.
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU for taking the time out of a very busy life to share a fantastic collage of verbal and visual poetry. If Milan is second fiddle to Rome or Florence or Venice, those places must be absolutely magical. I cannot wait to see what you share about Venice!
sophia said… make me ache to go back!!
the portraits in those frames are amazing and beautiful.
loving all the photos of your trip much gorgeous detail.
amisha said…
i am so enjoying these photos, lisa. it's like a little mini vacation here at my desk. and those ones of the little particularly are just amazing (love the one of her on that patterned floor!) i remember feeling that way about antigua guatemala, with the hidden gardens. from the street everything is so hidden (though the streets are still charming)...but if you can go beyond the threshold... it's stunning what's hidden back there.
gracia said…
Adding the cimetrio monumentale to my long list of places to comb when next I am in Milan. Having been there only once, it may be some time before I am back there. Dreams. Got to have them. And plans. Plenty of delicious plans. And books.

Thanks for sharing these photos here, Lisa. Good to travel with you.

g xo
Louise said…
Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time. xolj
bugheart said…
just adore
seeing through
your eyes...
can't wait
to get to
(have friends there).

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