there is always that time - some time - after a vacation where you can recall the sights and the smells and the minutia of details. and you can kind of even re-create a flutter in your head or your heart or the distinct feeling of excitement of when you are someplace OTHER. and then it starts to fade. and you rely on the way that you tell these memories to others to conjure. and you rely on the photos [in my case hundreds of photos] that you take. glad that there are these frozen moments of that time because really? how do you encapsulate an experience? and how do you know the repercussions it will have on your psyche? or the influence it may have on your work? your opinion? your taste?


venice was indeed like a magical wonderland [not unlike disney, but really enchanting because after all it is more than just simulacra - at least i think so]

and i can't even really figure out what to say about it because the whole day was an experience - so instead i'll type what i wrote in my journal that evening. [and keep in mind i no longer journal the way i used to post little]

taxi to train. oh italian trains - after 1/2 hour delay - off we went
2 yo gabba's later and some rollings past cows, horses grapes, some marble, a mine and VERONA [i've heard of that town yes?]. every town has a church or a castle, or both.


leaving the dingy train station you can only utter 'oh my god'
could it be more fairy tale esque?

narrow streets. the GONDOLAS [real ones]. the sheer beauty of every building. the wrought iron details. the tones.

the small stores. the row after row of tourist shops. oh but the wood turning shop. and that kodak sign [neither of which could photo b/c the little was being "tall" on me]

winding around following the signs for s. marco < > ^ >> just pick a way. any way. you'll get there

a square with pigeons.
and more narrow corridors
and another square.
the dragon light with the umbrella shade [also no photo]

and then

as if the world opens up

the square.

morrocan. mosaic.

it's almost too much to take in.
especially with a toddler who with no nap is on melt-down alert.

thank god for pigeons?

the boat ride.
people live like this? water taxis?
the awnings
the yellow
the melon
the green
the churches
people live like this?

do you ever leave venice if you live here?
what other city would be so captivating? [ok. there are other cool cities, but this feels so unique]

the hordes of people

the well dressed woman on the boat [i did get a photo!]

and the little. eating 6 packages of sembei.
drinking lemonata and saying spicy [hands raised to her face]
the pigeons eating out of ba-chan's hand !!!!!
and finally collapsing
asleep on my shoulder on the train.

venice. i hope i return.

all the pics are here


lisa | eots said…
"...the little was being 'tall' on me", says so much to me about how dear she is to you. Quite a magical ordinary momma + child experience.
it does look fairy tale-ish, just amazing. I'm imagining that's me with the cute knees and the wine in the photo 4th from the bottom.
sophia said…
i'm glad you got a photo of the well dressed woman on the boat!
your pictures are lovely lisa...such a magical place yes!!
get stuff done said…
have never been and want to go. my parents went, (aged 70) and were awestruck in a way I have never heard them talk about anywhere. lucky you.
amisha said…
this looks like magic. i have never been to italy (despite 2 1/2 years of italian classes in college... don't speak italian either!) but god i would love to go.
and i know just what you mean about the memory and the fading and the needing of the photos. e & i spent an hour this weekend pretending we were in copenhagen. remembering.
Eireann said…
o lisa yes you will go back.

and. thinking about what you say about not-writing. you could. if you wanted to jump off that pier. many beautiful and moving juxtapositions of words here. many good thoughts.

i love this city. i loved living there. i haven't gone back for fear, in part, of feeling heartbroken that i didn't pay enough attention before. yes yes.

yes, people live like that. i know. incredible. another world. but still a human one. which is what moved me so much. city with the awareness of its own coming death.

beautiful beautiful. i'm glad you went there. i'm glad you loved it.

also: i think our PLAN should involve writing. more on this (soon) but don't you think? i mean the visual. the thought. the written. that about sums it up, hey?

thinking of you, hope all is well. hug.
annamaria said…
I am so happy you are enjoying this so much- it's so very special- I was there as an art student with my class- it was the best time ever- !x
Katrina said…
i love seeing snidbits of your trip. and i wonder how it will continue to inspire you, even after the travel parts have settled. (hi you, hope you are well across town! enjoying spring.) xoxo, k.
gracia said…
Thank you for taking me along for the journey. I have yet to see Venice with my own eyes. For now I have photos gathered by family and friends, and dreams. Here's to that delicious post-holiday feeling staying about you like a cloak a little while longer.
g xo
Louise said…
Oh Venice! So well described by your good self and with melt down toddler in tow that's quite an achievement. Well done you and thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure of yours. xolj
bugheart said…
i have always
wanted to
visit venice...
now that
i am closer
maybe i'll get
there with
the wee grub.
fantastic photos.
mari said…
You lucky girl, you. Venice! Those photos are fantastic! On my list of places to see.

By the way, have you seen the film "A Little Romance"? Where a very young Diane Lane runs off with a boy so that they can kiss under one of the bridges in Venice and make their love last forever? I think it was one of the last films Laurence Olivier did. It's wonderful.
Adie Andrews said…
Amazing shots :) You are so right about Venice there is something magical and certainly once you visit this city you will definitely go back.

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