where to begin?

duomo at dusk
duomo people walking

every time i go on a trip i relish it.

even if there are moments that you don't want to remember but know that you will [the little screaming on the plane as it takes off - i don't want to be on broken airplane - want to go home - get off broken airplane ! {{our flight out was delayed by an hour while they fixed the air conditioning. it was hot. we were forced off. put back on. the little did great. until she was supposed to be buckled in her own seat. then the no-nap flip out occurred. luckily it only lasted a few minutes - though it seemed like an eternity}}]

details : redwork_yellow_tramlines

in the end i learned that the little IS actually pretty flexible. and that she's pretty fascinated by things that surround her, especially if i point them out [in the car from the airport: me: wow look at all these old buildings. little: where are the old buildings mama. where are they?]

Cimitero Monumentale : fountain

and it is incredible to see a new land through the eyes of a two year old. i wonder what she will remember of this trip. what i will remember through her eyes are pigeons [feeding them and especially white ones], trams [the number 2 by our apt was orange. we also rode the number 4 which was green], that we all fit on a boat, limonata is spicy bubbly water, gelato spoons would probably be good for oatmeal back home, cream puffs, fountains, hunting for stray cats at the castle.....

windows : milano : twinset duomo

it is so fascinating to me how with in a few days the exotic can become normal. it was normal to see the incredible details everywhere. to pass the duomo on my way to work [installing at the gallery] for 3 days in a row. to hear sing songy conversations and not really understand them [except for a few words like importante and bella and bambino]

gelato : pistachio

to eat amazing treats

before and after e and my snack

to spend time with eireann who seamlessly became part of my family. whose generosity, wit, and natural politeness [and by this i mean a very unique way of participating -- she is present and engaged and opinionated, but simultaneously completely aware and attuned to those around her] was more apparent in person than can ever be discerned from her online persona.

orange bikes

milano was full. full of architectural details. full of color. full of well-dressed people [especially older women]. i will try to write a bit about a few of the places we saw. we spent a day in venice which was like a dream.

gallery bathroom

and the gallery . i can't believe i have a show in milan. that this was the impetus to go. this is their bathroom. of course more on the show to follow.

but for now? i'm still tackling laundry and an inbox and a huge stack of grading.


get stuff done said…
i have never been to italy.... looks so enticing. love your tales of little travelling. my son is now 3 and says the funniest things about his trip to "The Island of Ibiza" last year.
What fun to see Milano through the eyes of a sweet 2 year old. When we were in Milano we found this lovely little area with outdoor cafes lining both sides of a canal. Where exactly were we? I wish I could recall... Maybe you were there too. Such pretty bathroom tiles. It seems it was a good time. Wonderful. Welcome home.
what an amazing adventure. Can't wait to hear more!!! xo
gracia said…
Welcome back, dear you. I wonder what your little one will recall... how intriguing... and I am delighted to hear you had a ball (of course you would). Look forward to hearing and seeing more of your time... and hope you can keep that travel/holiday gloss on for as long as possible.
jen said…
sounds like a wonderful trip! glad you got to take the little with you:)
Eireann said…
I think that is one of the nicest compliments I have ever had. Thank you, Lisa. HUGGGGGGGGGGG
sophia said…
i like your duomo image with the mannequin heads lisa.
good to hear that f did great on the trip. i have yet to travel out of the country with d...will be interesting to experience int'l travel with him.
looking forward to more images of your travels in italy:)
Anonymous said…
thanks for the photos and quick summary in the midst of your catching up on return. i look forward to seeing and reading more about your show, Milan, Venice, and, of course,the little one.
louise said…
Hi Lisa,
Sounds like a fantastic trip for you and little. Looking forward to seeing photos of the show and more beauts like these posted. xolj
PS Hope you've made it through the laundry chores now.
Anonymous said…
hooray! so glad to know the trip was a huge success. i love that feeling of looking around a new city when traveling, the way everything is brighter and louder somehow. congrats on your show in milan!!! xoxo.
patricia said…
I've never been to Italy and it just sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you had such a great time!
amisha said…
dude. that bathroom!! :)
traveling with a small child sounds both challenging and incredible-- humbling really. spending any time with kids always makes me realize how much i take for granted in what i see. and travel is the way to shake that up, in a way... to see differently... it seems like traveling with the little would make that even more intense and amazing.
i'm also quite intensely craving gelato at the moment...
bugheart said…
oh the gelato!
love your
you are 2 peas
in a pod i think.

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