fleeting beauty

fleeting beauty

so the show in italy.
i still find it hard to believe it happened. i mean who would think that a traveling art dealer from italy would come to my studio and then offer me a show? not me.

the show was in tandem w/ Donatella Spaziani [who sadly doesn't have a website]. and i could not be happier with the pairing. in fact my dad looked at her drawings and said - they look like something you might do. so true.

in the main room of the gallery i did a wall toxin   phendyldichlorasine AND

fleetingbeauty :: phendyldichlorasine + glass sculputres

3 SCULPTURES. yes sculptures. and this i was most excited about. because really - my work has always skated between 2D and 3D - part of what it is ABOUT is that relationship. but i have always always wanted to make something "in the round" and just could never figure out how.

and finally. i did. they are toxins. doily covered molecular models. [and thanks mom for helping me crochet enough doilies in time to get these done !]


lewistie , 2011, crochet and glass balls, 16 x 11 x 4 inches


dimethyl mercury , 2011, crochet and glass balls, 17 x 9 x 5 inches

carbon tetrachloride

carbon tetrachloride , 2011, crochet and glass balls, 16 x 8 x 5 inches

and then i had a small room all to myself. so new drawings of toxins - ALL war nerve agents [yes scary].... and some of the deforestation paintings, and a version of the doily topiary corner installation, and a few doily trees all living together....

fleeting beauty : installation

fleeting beauty : installation

fleeting beauty : installation

chemical rainbow

i was also really excited by this piece. the gallery had talked to me about doing an installation in this room where strings came from the walls or drawings and connected to other drawings/walls. i loved this idea, but never having been in the space i wondered how i could pull that off. instead i thought about making a doily piece that then connected to some of the drawings. in thinking about toxins and chemistry i thought about how in basic chemistry you could burn elements and find out what they were made of based on the colors you saw in the flame.

chemical rainbow :: detail

i decided to take the doily from each chemical drawing and actually make it [and i soon realized that i could create a rainbow]. it made sense to arrange them in a circle [like a molecule, like a clock, never-ending]. and originally i was going to have the threads that stream from the center of the doilies connect to the doilies in the drawings.

chemical rainbow :: detail :: floor

but once in the space i realized i like the thread balls attached - laying on the floor. as if the doilies were generating themselves almost.

sulfur mustard

one of my favorite drawings. sulfur mustard , 2011, colored pencil, acrylic, graphite, embroidery on duralar, 7 x 7 inches

VE :: detail

VE - detail , 2011, colored pencil, acrylic, graphite, embroidery on duralar, 16 x 16 inches

read the press release from the show or read a review [translated]

here's the entire show [slide show - you may have to click out of your reader]

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

also ... there's a new post on poppytalk : christine buckton tillman

happy mother's day weekend to all the moms out there !


Wow, Lisa. It looks fabulous and I always love the way you describe your work, so well thought out and intriguing. I really like the new sculptural work. Again, wow... Such a wonderful exhibition. I'm sure it was spectacular "live".
betsy said…
Oh, lj. This work is spectacular. I don't even know where to start really -- it is all so rich and beautiful. Your sculptures are absolutely incredible and I lovelovelove the installation. I always love what you do but this show is so powerful. You pushed yourself in new directions and it really shows. I wish I could see it in person! xo
Susan Schwake said…
As always, it's so powerful to see your work all together, the addition of the 3D pieces are icing on the cake. You know how much I love your work - and this setting was perfect for it!

Congrats on such an incredible show! xo
so beautiful! i would love one of those drawings in my house! do you sell the drawings and if so, where? i love my necklace of your work :)
Sheri Reed said…
oh, lisa. this show looks so completely amazing! next time, give us some advance notice. i always need an excuse to got to italy! :) xoxo
sophia said…
i love how your work skates "between 2D and 3D." never predictable, consistently thoughtful, and always beautiful.

a very happy mother's day to you lisa!
Anonymous said…
How FUN that you did something new and different...sculpture. The delicacy of the work contrasts powerfully with the underlying things it portrays! I have to keep reminding myself that these are things that can be used to harm other people.
gracia said…
It looks wonderful, Lisa. Congratulations, once more. Beautifully hung, and those colours and patterns you have made... a sensory delight! It is hard to imagine anyone in the gallery not falling under the spell of your work, and perhaps wanting to touch them. Such tactile tantalization!

g xo
bugheart said…
i am always amazed
by your use
of space...
so delicate
how did you suspend
the balls...
are they clear
and glass... or

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