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nahcotta :: threadshow

my work is currently in an exhibition at nahcotta gallery.

abbie installing lisa solomon's work for "thread"

i feel so lucky to be working with a gallery like this [actually i feel really lucky about all the spaces i work with.]

above is abbie hanging my work [kind of a pain - so thanks!]

but really - anyone who would write a post like this deserves a ton of respect in my book. so happy 11 years to nahcotta and thank you to deb for including me in this thread show !

redwork :: chinoise

i made all new work. based on the idea/history of redwork embroidery. did you know that so much redwork was done in embroidery because turkey red was one of the first colorfast colors that they made thread out of???

redwork :: share thoughts - detail

these are combinations of ideas for me. i'm continuing the dot doily paintings that i started with the newness show for artstream . adding them to my furniture explorations.

redwork :: sit with you - detail

still thinking about relationships. how i can represent people via furniture. this is me and the little. it's called sit with you because that's what she asks me. mama can i sit with you?

redwork :: canreach

and the clouds? well... i just like how clouds talk about dreams, another space [even heaven?]... also comfort - or an idealized comfort. who wouldn't want to lay on a fluffy cloud?

the whole show w/ complete and detail shots is here . and check out the work from the other artists in the show. i'm in good company indeed !

i'm also working on this:
working on something

an installation for fouladi projects at san francisco artMRKT . they'll be in booth #309... i'm installing some kind of vinyl [and perhaps real] doily installation along with drawings. if you are local and want a pass i might be able to finagle one for you - send me an email !

gram and lil

my grandma is on the right. tomorrow would have been her 93rd birthday. so i will be thinking of her. and thinking about how i wouldn't be who i am today without her influence. and how she in so many ways supported my art. probably more than she even knew.

ok. that's all i got. other than grading. but you really don't want to read about that do you?


bugheart said…
i love to
hear about
the thought
the work...
the piece
of you
the little...
happy birthday
to your
so nice
you had
so many
with her.
Eireann said…
grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading grading. oy vey.

lisa, 'sit with you' actually looks like you & the girl. just as you say. amazing.

sending you lots of warmth from here.
annamaria said…
Love these Lisa- but I was looking at the previous post and was really blown away by the Italian show- Beautiful work!- Really-Congratulations for both-xx
Katrina said…
congrats on the show! the new work is BeAuTiFUl. wish it was in oakland! and i always love seeing vintage family photographs, even when they aren't my family they still feel emotional. love that. hi you.
gracia said…
"'s called sit with you because that's what she asks me. mama can i sit with you?"

Ah. Beautiful. Both artwork and the feeling behind it.

Good luck with all the brilliant things you are working on. Oh, and before I depart (tasks are a-calling), that photo of your Grandma is beautiful too.

g xo

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