shots are no fun

robots watching

yesterday when the garbage truck came the little decided that she wanted her robots to watch out the window too. almost every week she stands on her toy chest and waves to the garbage man as he picks up our trash.

she lined them up like this. i left them. because i love things in rows. [i think she's definitely my child]

she had to get 3 shots yesterday and man - that is the WORST. when she was a baby it was quick and her super duper chubby thighs seemed to prevent any long lasting effects. but now. now she can aniticpate - and by the 3rd one she was wailing no more mama no more. i'm so glad i'm not a pediatric nurse. do you think she'll believe me when she's older and i tell her it's just as traumatic for me even though i'm not getting stuck?

SF artMRKT - fouladi projects mini installation

8 vinyl stickers
4 hand drawn doilies
9 real doilies
1 framed work of art
4 days at artMRKT in fouladi projects' booth.

flow magazine

i was included in this article on blogging with some really great folks.
simply photo [hi jen !]
make something 365
all the mountains
the blog on the bookshelf
you can make it easy
you are my fav
abbytrysagain [hi abby !]
jill wignall
my milk toof
pugly pixel

phew. many of these are new to me [since i don't get around much in the blogsphere - at least not like i used to].

and flow is a really beautiful magazine. i wish i could actually read dutch. but the pictures/projects are fun to look at none the less.

ok. i'm ALMOST done grading [finally]. and i have TWO 42x47 inch pieces of duralar tacked to my wall. time for some bigger work ! scary but hopefully good. and i posted on poppytalk again rivane neuenshwander .

happy friday


Amy said…
One thing that I love about Dutch are all those vowels. Especially those o's, doubled everywhere, making the magazine page look like sheet music. (I have a friend in the Netherlands who once sent me a magazine called "Oog". The little one would love that word too!

Beautiful work, Lisa.
Anonymous said…
Yes, lovely work! I recall very well the trauma of taking one's child in to the doctor for shots....NOT EASY on the cc and you!! GOOD thing to take them out for ice cream or some other treat afterwards for being 'brave.'
Anne G. said…
Lisa, I really enjoy your blog ... I'm a fellow mama, art/design prof in upstate New York.

It's amazing that the little puts things facing out of her window ... she's designing a user experience!

(The first time I saw a lot of window-design-for-pedestrians was in Rotterdam. It was such a friendly and civic-minded gesture.)
hearttypat said…
you got a little designer in the house!
I had such a wonderful time looking through your posts, will be back sooN!
gracia said…
Robots. In a line. Lovely stuff.

g xo

(I don't seem to find time to blog as often as I would like. I miss not stopping by and saying hi.)
annamaria said…
Hi Lisa,
love the robots!Makes one wonder about what exactly children inherit from their parents!!:)
thank you for the links-
bugheart said…
poor little!
can't imagine
what it's like
for you
to see her
love the installation...
i have visions
of your
vinyl doilies
the wee grub's room.

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