not too shabby [7 years and a give-a-way]

shabby apple dress

so i got shabby apple's da vinci dress the other day and i could see it becoming a go to dress. it's super soft and i love the pocket front and the cutie pie sleeves. i think i've decided that gray is my replacement for black. i can't wear black since it shows every single pet hair [and tonka's drool - oh and yogurt. sticky little yogurt hands show up really well on black]. plus i love how almost every color goes with gray - and it looks more contemporary to me than colors + black. [watch 5 years from now i'll be singing black's praises, but until then i'm all about gray]. my slippers, by the way, came from seamingly possible

shabby apple in general has some really cute dresses. i especially like their vintage inspired ones... i'm kind of in love with this navy anchor's away dress - but it's totally impractical for me. also adorable is madison ave - but again - the mom in me just knows i'd never wear this now - maybe that's not the point, but.... i wish i had known about their site when i was pregnant because the mama apple stuff is pretty nice [and it would have been fun to wear a cute maternity dress!]. oh well. they have a facebook page where they announce sales/deals, etc. i was really happy, too, to know that they have a program where they share profits with Unitus - to help women worldwide. i like companies that are socially responsible [in any way that they can be]. if you are going to spend some money, why not also support good causes, right?

more shrinky dinks 

so yeah. i'm officially obsessed. shrinky dinks have stolen my  heart. the little looks at my necklaces and says "mama - you made that? little paintings?". [of course my heart melts as she touches them and says that]. i made a bunch of necklaces that are on their way to various people. i feel like i can justify this new addiction if i'm making gifts at least.


do you know what i realized? i've been blogging for SEVEN YEARS. isn't that crazy? i mean that is a serious chunk of my life, no? i could get all teary eyed and talk about how and what has changed and and and and and....

but i won't. instead let's just say YAY. and say here's to the next 7 [if i can keep it up. if you've been with me since the beginning you know that i don't post like i used to]. and on that note let's give a couple of things away.


rainbow [this one is to give-a-way]

a rainbow pendant for you. because really how many do i need? i'm kind of thinking i need several more, but this one is for you [or you or you].


dendrochronolgy - detail

a doily decal. sorry - not the whole tree ring pictured above, but a decal. i probably even have a couple of them that you could choose from - different colors, different doilies...

leave a comment. tell me which one you want. if you've never commented before point me to your blog. if you are an old time pal - HELLO. if you only comment now and again - HELLO! tell me a joke. tell me why you come here. ask me a question you want me to answer.... just leave a comment.

i hope these are even things you might want. i want to give them away as a small token of thanks. thanks for being here. thanks for being part of my online community and life. thank you. i have this blog to thank for many of the good things that are in my life. and many many many good friends.

i'll pick winners [randomly of course] next monday the 20th.


sarah said…
If I win, I can save ya some postage, because I also live in Oakland. :D

I've been reading (not commenting, though!) for years and years and years. Maybe not for all 7, but from Moment One, I have been quite a fan of your art + your eye. Thank you, sincerely.
shelley said…
Oh! happy 7 years!

i am loving your shrinky dink necklaces. i, too, would love a little painting!

Anonymous said…
Thanks from me, too, for the opportunity to get to know you, your work, your ideas about art in general, little bits about your family, etc. It is hard to believe that it has been 7 years now! It has been, is, and will continue to be a great joy to have the opportunity to get to know so many aspects of your life this way.
clairehelene7 said…
Congratulations! Today is my blogging anniversary too. Only 6 years for me. Thanks for reminding me! I need to write a post when I get home tonight. Here's to 7 more years (and shrinky dinks!!).
clairehelene7 said…
Also, I want to say thank you for your blog. I participated in a music swap you hosted forever ago and made a lovely friend. I have a piece of your art on my wall and love hearing snippets of your life as an artist, teacher, mother, awesome lady.
ziazia said…
Congrats on the wonderful 7 years blogging!! and here's to many more!
I've read your blog for maybe 5 years but i don't comment often, i'm shy like that. I do love your work and that's why i started reading your words (when i was still in art school).
I love the necklaces you made.
bugheart said…
hooray for
7 years!
so happy
you are
in the blogosphere.
i heart that
need some of those
when i can
wear normal
clothes again...

i'd love
a doily.
i heart
your doilies!
Christine said…
Congrats on 7 years! What an inspiration to other bloggers. I adore your shrinky dink necklaces! What could be more fun than tiny artwork you can wear!
coveredbydesign at
Heather said…
Oh that is NOT a fair choice! How to decide, how to decide... The last couple entries where you've written about your shrinky dink obsession, I've been sitting here hollering at the computer screen - PUT EM ON ETSY PUT EM ON ETSY!!! Ok, maybe not hollering, but thinking vehemently!

So I guess I have to pick the shrinky dink, though I also love your doily decals.

Congrats on 7 years, I've been following your art for what seems like a long time and have a nice piece from you that I bought ages ago. This entry was funny because when I saw the photo of you I realized that up until now i had no clue what you looked like, somehow! I was not disappointed. :-)
Louise said…
Happy seven year blog anniversary. I think you should be the one getting a gift, not giving one away. I think I've been blogging since 2006, so haven't been with you the whole time... but very nearly. I must say it's been a joy and you are still one of my favourites to visit. I'm so glad you're aiming for another seven. xolj PS I love both your gifts but really who could resist a doily decal?
Anonymous said…
PS You look SMASHING in that dress!!
gracia said…
Hooray for seven years! What a genius feat. Bravo! Yip! Yip! (she cries as she rolls out the exclamation marks)... and more importantly, thanks for your greatly cheering, insightful, honest and beautiful blog. I still enjoy stopping by here just as much as ever I did, to read of your art projects and day-to-day musings, to hear family tales of pets and the Little, and to say hi!

(Black and pet hair... yes, I know. It feels an impossibility to me too, and grey is so darn agreeable.)

g xo

(A decal, if I'm lucky. I'd truly love a decal.)
Seven years Lisa, wow. You are devoted! That dress is very cute on you and it's so fun to see your face too. (:
Gosh I'd love a doily.
Kathryn said…
I've been following your website for years but just now checking out your blog, which is just as fantastic. Don't know how I missed that! I live over across the bay in SF so I've seen your wonderful work. Just wanted to say hi and I will be following your blog from now on now that I know of it! My blog is on Articraft, right up your alley.
First of all, you look adorable. Second, 7 years of dedication -- bravo! Third, if I somehow get lucky, I'd love a "little painting".

I come here to see what interesting things you are up to. I especially like the way you describe your motivations for the work you create.
sophia said…
lisa lisa!
your articulated thoughts on your work and art in general always brings me back.:)
that is a great dress.i love gray..such a soft and sexy color i think. and i love pockets in front too!!
your expression instantly reminds me of your little.
congratulations on 7 years!!! here's to 7 more.
Anonymous said…
i would be so thrilled to have one of your doilies! (i love necklace too, but i've loved the doilies for a long time now, so i feel a kind of loyalty to them.)

you look so adorable!
patricia said…
Comfy dress! You look great in it!

Congratulations on the 7 years! Amazing how time flies, right?

A doily, a doily! :)
Laura said…
I have been reading your blog and following your work for several years now and have always been inspired by your experimentation and prolific output. Thanks for sharing your work and words!
(I love the necklaces...)
Sarah said…
Wow 7 years! I've only been reading for about 2, but I definitely hope to follow along for the next 7. As for the giveaway, the rainbow necklace is amazing, but I'd really love one of these doilies to help spruce up my office. Nothing adds some cheer to your workplace like a doily. Thanks for the chance to win!
Leslie said…
i just found your blog and im in love! would love the decal one. i have a photography blog
Suzy said…
Your rainbow necklaces have inspired me to buy some shrinky dink plastic and try it out... I've never used it before.
I love your blog. I've been reading for so long now, maybe almost since the beginning? At least six years. How crazy.
Morgan said…
Oooh, I want them both! But... if I have to choose.... the doily, pretty please!
I have been admiring that Madison Ave. dress all week, too, and trying to justify buying it when I don't have any money. I'm so glad to hear that company donates part of their profits, too!
Thanks so much for the giveaway! & happy blogaversary!
Lizette said…
found you via bugheart and/or lisa congdon a while ago. have always admired your work. thanks for sharing so much.
Jacqui Dodds said…
Hi Lisa
Congratulations on blogging for seven years :-) If I won your giveaway I would love to win one of your doilies please.
Tracy said…
It has been so wonderful having a peek into your life and creativity these past 7 yrs. Thank you! xoxo (Love that dress!)
Susan Schwake said…
yay grey! love that dress... and photo. you are still the cutest in the blogland...

seven years is incredible. it's a joy always to connect here to your creativity and aesthetic. which obviously i admire endlessly.

that necklace rocks. cheers to you lisa for all that you inspire!

mari said…
Seven years? I think I found you maybe three years ago? It's really interesting to get an idea of the inspiration and work behind each of your new works. Your thoughts, your stories and ideas add special meaning to what you do.
Katrina said…
happy 7 years! i'm late commenting but i feel compelled to tell you why i love coming here, regardless of the lateness. so i'll say that i love that your blog is personal and you have always been approachable and friendly and friend-like (hi you) but that it also shows the process of your professional life as an artist. i love that it also shows your philosophy, your influences, your thoughts about other artists, bloggers, crafters, and how you somehow seamlessly blend it all into one blog: it feel authentically you. xoxo, k.
Jan | Poppytalk said…
oh i missed this - and how cute are you in that dress! and you really made those? : )

how sweet! i wish i could just pop over and we would make those over afternoon tea...

: )
Jan | Poppytalk said…
oh my goodness and congrats on 7 yrs!
Maitreya said…
Your rainbow necklaces are making me want to go dig out the shrink plastic.

And hey, you are a cutie! :)

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