would it be wrong

peace necklace

if i said that all i want to do right now is make necklaces??

peace necklace detail

i'm half joking. but mostly serious. i've been playing around with making them [using shrinky dinks]. the peace sign one was for a friend's birthday. she's a former new yorker fashionista living in marin county who doesn't NEED anything. and she's very busy working with organizations working towards peace. so she got a peace one.

rainbow pendants

and then i made myself some rainbow ones out of scraps.

if there was a way for me to make a living doing this i might seriously contemplate dropping everything else. [or if i could land that job naming colors - or color trendcasting].

do you remember shinky dinks? i forgot how absolutely fun they were. i'm using them for a project [this is a top secret project that i'll reveal probably latter this summer?], and am having the best time. it's like a little bit of magic goodness. draw, punch hole, put in oven, ooh and ahh as they shrink. [although you do have to keep an eye on them while they shrink and curl up so the ends don't end up stuck together].

3 june

maybe i'm trying to surround myself with rainbow goodness [above my daiso haul]. it feels like there is a funk front that just won't clear offshore. i just can't seem to shake it. maybe it's the endless wintery rainstorms we keep having [you would not think it's JUNE round these parts]. maybe it's the fact the little has reverted to earlier wake ups this last week and a half. i'm hoping it's a phase and she goes back to her former ways. [i'm seriously NO GOOD at 6am. and 5:30. G R O A N].

FlashArt 294, giugno 2011

in sort of amazing press news... i'm in the italian flash art magazine. i can't believe that show will come down in 6 days.

oh ! if you are local i'm teaching a printmaking with out a press class at San Franciso City College Continuing Education... out at Fort Mason - it will start June 11th - 5 weeks.... more info here .

bye. i'm going to go dream about my shrinky dink necklace empire !


Heather said…
I think you're on to something here! More rainbow necklaces!!
Anonymous said…
How great to have FUN while you make things!! Fingers and toes are crossed that the little sleeping patterns return to their former ways. Sleep dep is NO FUN!
Kathleen said…
i used to love shrinky dinks when i was a kid! i could see loving them as an adult in the form of Lisa Solomon necklaces FOR SURE.
Congrats on the awesome press dear. Hope you and Miss Fifi are having a fab start to summer :)
sophia said…
your rainbow necklace rocks.
also congrats on the press. always fun and rewarding to see things in print!
and for the classes you are teaching...if it weren't for a pint sized side kick, i seriously would sign up!!
annamaria said…
Love the necklaces- What fun- I know what you mean about colour and the weather- we have been seeped in wet grey in these parts- I think we had our first 'sort-of- summerish'-day yesterday, after a non-spring!I feel thirsty for colour too.
Anyway, keep having fun and making super lovely things-
congrats on the Italian press!!YAY!
And I am afraid the sleep thing comes with motherhood- I still feel very guilty because I once used some very nasty words with my first,when she was a couple of months old- because she kept me up all night. Now that she is twenty one, I confessed to her how bad I still felt about it, and she laughed- hadn't been traumatized from it apparently, really doesn't remember a thing...which I guess is good, I can let it go now...:)
Oops, sorry about my long rambling...have a lovely day.
Yes, this is an interesting June so far... I used to love Shrinky Dinks. I didn't even know they were still around. I do know I never made anything as cool as your necklaces. Happy empire planning.
Katrina said…
i noticed that lovely rainbow necklace you were wearing on saturday... had no idea it was your own shrinky dink creation. so darn cute.

and yes, the perpetual winter weather is seriously getting old around here. come on summer, we know you can do it! xo, k.
gracia said…
Nothing wrong with dreaming about a shrinky dink necklace empire. Nothing at all. Sounds just about right to me.
Plan on, Lisa, plan on.
g xo
bugheart said…
i seriously need
some shrinky dinks.
i love the necklaces
you are making
out of them!

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