on making [and thinking]

can i just say how completely and utterly touched i was by everyone's kind kind heartfelt words in regards to garbo. it is so wonderful to know and feel that there are others in the world who understand and feel the same. comforting doesn't quite sum it up, but it's the best word i can muster at the moment. thank you.

14 july

been trying to get back to work and back to "normal". the older i get the more i realize that there is no "normal". there is just what needs to get done and the order in which i can manage to accomplish things.

i'm working on 2 47" x 47" drawings [detail above]. versions of H1N1 and spanish influenza. these are for an upcoming exhibition at the monterey art museum . i have to say it's nice working this scale again. and in a limited color palette. i'm overloaded with color in other things i'm working on and so it's quite refreshing to just work in black white and grays.

for gwen

also made a series of necklaces for a bunch of june babies.
one for gwen .

for wenders

for wenders

for amisha

for amisha

for shari

for shari

renegade SF 2011

and there was renegade where modify/d shared a booth with diana fayt ....

we were next to migration goods . who were SO NICE. i bought a toast brooch [but the happy version] for the little and she's been carrying it around ever since calling it her toast brother. hee hee.

and now i'm revisiting joesf albers and johannes itten prepping for a color class i'll be teaching at cca in the fall.

oh yeah - i wrote about cy twombly for poppytalk .

and i've been thinking and re-thinking and wanting to verbalize in response to eireann's post on public|private ... but don't know how yet.

ok. so that's my last couple weeks in a nutshell.


Suzy said…
Thank you so much for my necklace! it arrived this week and is just beautiful. I was really sorry to read about Garbo, and hope you are doing okay.
Eireann said…
no normal is right. there just is what there is. hi. i'm here. :) but you probably knew that....
ah, normal. what's that? mine seems to change daily. and i am trying very hard to embrace that notion this summer. it's not a very easy task for me. but! it's getting easier. (if that makes any sense.)
enough of my rambling. i'm anxious to see your new work. xo.
Katrina said…
can't wait to see your large drawings. yes! and i missed renegade this year for our happy vacation up north, but your booth looks lovely. hope it was a great weekend.
gracia said…
Large drawings... a limited/simplified/restricted palette... making... seems like all the right things to do in light of your missing Garbo.
g xo
louise said…
I think Gracia has said what I was thinking even better than I could. So, I'll just say ditto to Gracia's comment. Big Hugs xolj
Cally said…
So true, normal is like long summer holidays, it belongs to our younger years and our sense of it is lost as we get older.

Thanks for sending me to Eireann's post, really speaks to me and my fear of showing my 'real' work. Will I ever? That's why I have so much admiration for those of you who have the courage to keep doing it.

Be well Lisa, the grey drawings are beautiful.
julie said…
Hello Lisa, I hope the black and grey is helping in creating some calm. I love what you are doing with them.
Have missed you. xx

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