20 in 2011 and a pencil kit and a sandwich


i made 2 new glass ball toxin atomic ball sculptures for a show

20/2011 at Richard Levy Gallery

opens aug. 19 up thru oct. 1, 2011 with a closing reception on 10::01::11 [i wish i could go - i'm sort of missing the expansive desert sky]

a celebration of the gallery's 20th year !

above is formaldehyde, 2011, crochet doilies on glass, 2.75 x 7.5 x 7.75 inches.

and below is chloroform m 2011, crochet doilies on glass, 3.5 x 8.5 x 8.75 inches.


and detail:
chloroform detail

if you had told me 10 years ago that i would be making sculptures - and ones that are so delicate and breakable i would have said NO WAY. ha. funny how that works.

i wanted these to be more recognizable chemicals. do people still have to dissect some animal in biology while the room reeks of formaldehyde? i had to do a baby pig in AP bio which was really not very pleasant. we all know about the katrina trailers and their formaldehyde sick inducing carpet, etc..... and chloroform... such an "old fashioned" feeling toxin, no? [i can't help but picture some evil kidnapper using it to knock out a victorian lady....]

anyway. congrats to the levy gallery for being around for so long !

while i was gluing these together i kept thinking how great it would be to make really really big versions. but then i would need a glass blowing friend. or a glass blower who wants to work in trade because there's no way i could pay to have so many large scale round glass balls manufactured. wouldn't that make a cool "lobby" sculpture? perfect for some pharmaceutical company....

i digress.

make your own pencil

i got this cool build your own pencil from staedtler. and this relates to the levy gallery because richard levy is the one who pointed me to the blog where i was able to email steadtelr and "win" this prize. pencil talk . which really is a fascinating blog. if you at all like pencils/office supplies i recommend a visit.



i thought i'd show you my lunch. because i was making my sandwich [i think this is my favorite summertime sandwich - if only our tomatoes would RIPEN i could use garden tomatoes -- it's been SO cold here -- and it would be an even better sandwich, but again i digress] and i looked down and i realized i laid the tomatoes out in a pattern. not on purpose. it's just how my brain works. like how i match my clothes in color schemes down to my socks and rings. it's how my brain works. embrace your inner quirks....

i posted on poppytalk again - hannelore baron. a long time fave....

happy weekend !


Kathryn said…
Beautiful pieces, Lisa. Love them! I will say way over here in the west side of SF, I noticed 1(one) semi-ripe orange cherry tomato in my garden today.
Anonymous said…
What lovely sculpture!

Also, I enjoy your 'digressions.' So, feel free to include those in your writings!

Your artistic brain works wonders with food and clothes, too!
julie said…
your sculptures are really beautiful lisa. like all your work, i enjoy their simplicity (and colours!) giant ones.. yes!!!
gracia said…
I love these new pieces, especially for their delicate nature and the process employed. Here's to the sphere! To sculpture! To making artwork that you'd never have thought of doing several years previous. What a wild, twisty path.

Love the new look here too. It's been an age since I popped up to say hi. I've missed it.

Cally said…
They look so lightweight, almost like air. They are really beautiful and the colours are so perfect.

We're in tune, I posted my tomatoes on toast the other day too, such a summer delight, esp. when I can get the multi coloured wild ones.
Katrina said…
love the sculptures. so darn pretty. and i agree with you that our tomatoes would like some sun, please! so many little green ones on the vine, kinda heartbreaking. xoxo.
Louise said…
New works look fantastic and so does your sandwich. xoxolj
You make toxins look so lovely. It would be pretty awesome to see these on a grand scale.

Cheers to embracing our inner quirks!
Jesse Lu said…
1. Love those pencil wraps for your sketchbook. (And not just because that is my favorite type of sketchbook and one of my favorite pens.)

2. Love your red bunny. It reminds to get back to work on the purple bunny I started over a year ago.

3. Glad you said something about the Levy show. You would never have known you were part of it cause the website doesn't list any of the artists in those two shows. It gives me more reason to go check the place out. :)

4. I love how your socks and rings and barrettes always match! I always thought you did it on purpose and was in awe of the selection you must have to create such great outfits. Ha ha ha.

P.S. I hope those candies taste somewhere near as lovely as they look.
Erin Curry said…
Your imagining of your glass ball toxins big big has sparked my interest. Surely you could submit a proposal for a big commission and hire professional glass workers as part of the budget? Is the glass particularly important as a material (besides its fragility and transparency? Perhaps crochet the forms with metal laced ropes sort of a la Ruth Asawa?

And how envious I am of your build your own pencil treasure, I've made deer and squirrel hair brushes, but not a pencil. Love the detail of the ending string glued with a wax seal.

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