ah - back to school time

back to school right?

oh yes. we have started. in fact today students gave presentations of their work. i always like this part. i try to think of artists that i think they should look at. my brain fires furiously and i check spelling of artist's names on my iphone. you know i'm grateful for the gadget but really i think my memory has become worse because i know i can always look something up. we are now so uber hooked in. i also blame mommyhood. brain zapping state that it is ! but i do now have eyes in the back of my head, so it's kind of a trade off.

anyway - i digress. [what else is new]. i made the above binders for my gradebook and sketchbook because i'm always hunting for a pen/pencil. i used to have this handy cover i made for my gradebook, but it got filthy dirty and had to go.

the pen/pocket binder thing is not my idea at all. saw it at renegade with super spiffy versions by cleverhands . but i didn't buy one, and by the time i thought of wanting one it was too late to order. so i made a down and dirty not as clever version. so far. so good.


bunny in the making

a bunny in progress. there are SO MANY babies entering the world shortly. i don't know which one of these soon to be babes this is for, but regardless. it's getting made. and i think i'll be making more cutie creatures.

i got the idea of laying out my deconstructed bunny from a former professor of mine gail wight . she did a series of deconstructed toys that i have always loved. she was one of the best things that happened to me in graduate school.


the most beautiful

and some candy as eye candy. straight from japan. too pretty to eat. just amazing. like sculpture.

i say this every time i get sick, but really... really .... really. don't take being healthy for granted. and don't take your healthy kid for granted either. nough said.

til next time.


julie said…
love the cover for pens and stuff -works so well.

we have a little one starting school this week!

feel well you two.xx
Anonymous said…
The bunny in pieces is heartwarming. I can just imagine it being cuddled by a toddler somewhere, some day!!

And the candy is AMAZING!

Ain't it amazing how parenthood leads to one developing new senses...eyes in the back of one's head; ears that listen for/hear certain noises, even when one is sleeping or busy doing other things; etc.
Katrina said…
love your clever pencil holders. and love seeing that rabbit in pieces (something so haunting and beautiful about toys-in-progress) and i love, love that box of candy. too pretty to eat, indeed. xoxo.
gracia said…
Ha! Yes, too pretty to gobble down but oh so delectable those Japanese sweets. You are right, they are just like a sculpture, and your fragmented bunny is just like an art work installed.


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