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collective conscious.

i bought this book for my upcoming color theory class [trying to find something for the students to read besides straight color theory]:

it's all about pink [how could i not buy it] !

and thumbing thru it i spied this photo:

in a book

and i stopped.


my photo.

it made me think about how if i hadn't been to venice i wouldn't have recognized that pink light. but i had. and i did. and so the world becomes that much smaller.

it made me think about why and how we are drawn to certain things. those pink lights in the plaza at venice totally tickled my fancy. made me look up. made me wish i had a pink lamp on our street at home. i wondered why pink? nothing else in the square is really pink. lots of white and gray and golds and mosaics- some off red on the tops of one section of one of the buildings. but those lamps. they are so PINK. frilly pink.

and then i wondered how many hundreds of other people might have this same photo in their archive somewhere. their version of the pink lamps of venice. and how we do all live in a collective conscious in some way.

and how we form groups and bonds to amplify this. just look at all the groups on flicker that have something to do with pink . what does this mean? i won't even try to go there. [can you tell, though, that i'm gearing up to go back to school? my mind is turning academic on me]

if you want another smart book on color and it's implications in our western art world - try chromophobia :



i made this !
had to show you the cute little pout !
i miss crocheting utilitarian things !
pattern from lion brand - the princess cardi [you may have to sign in to get the link to work?


in a fit i redesigned the blog.
with pops of color
wanted more white space
even if chromophobia is making me wary of white space.
even if chromophobia is making me think about color as a drug and a fall from grace.
maybe i should rebel and make the entire background shocking purple.



meet millie. our newest family member. needed a home. from the san francisco animal control shelter .

she's a pup. VERY sweet. and playful.
little runs around saying : millie's hyper ! i'm hyper !
so true.
forgot what young dog energy feels like.
it's good. and a lot of work. but mostly good.
i'm sure i'll inundate you with photos as weeks progress.

wow. i didn't think i had anything to share in a blog post. but i guess i did. too much for one post in fact. why i really should try and just post now and again. sigh. like everything else - line up for the juggle dear blog. line up.


rori z said…
millie is sooooo pretty! what a sweet new addition to the family, love the bright orange collar too:) can't believe the little is getting so big! such a cute pout too. miss you all xo
wise craft said…
Millie is such a sweetie. Rescued dogs and cats are the best for so many reasons (Gracie would tell you!). And in the midst of all that's going on you knitted something for F? You have how many arms?
Hayley said…
I had to do a double-take with the two pink light photos- so similar. Millie is absolutely adorable- looks like she found a great home.

Camilla Engman said…
Hello Millie! You are one lucky dog :)
Anonymous said…
I hope you get enough sleep amidst all the other things you do in life. You are AMAZINGLY creative!!
Erin Curry said…
I can't say I'm chromophobic, but I do tend toward muted tones or rarely the occasional bright teal. In the brightness of summer I long for the whites of the winters I never see in Florida, my eyes ache for it, is this phobia or a longing for sublty, my eyes wanting quiet visual poems . . .

Enough rambling :)
Your color post reminded me of this post I found on Boing Boing. It altered my world and I'm reeling from the realization that as a Westerner my language once again fails my perceptions. What more would I see if my language allowed it?
julie said…
wow, thats pretty amazing - the pink lamps! what a small world indeed!
i think millie would look good with pink too! xx
Kathryn said…
Color - something I should really think more about. I used to, my work revolved around it. It also doesn't help that my husband is red-green colorblind. What they see is really, really different. And I realize why color isn't so important to him.
hearttypat said…
Pink lamp posts. Who would'd thought!
Fun stuff. Interesting books, an adorable pout and crochet, and a new pup -- Hi Millie!
Jan | Poppytalk said…
oh - how fun that pink light sighting and knowing it. stuff like that amazes me. and the little - her pout - so cute - and the most beautiful sweater you made! and welcome millie - love her name! lucky puppy!
just did a big catch up. you've got a lot going on!
love the pink light and all your thoughts about that, also the galaga embroidery pieces. and millie - how cute! xo.
Katrina said…
love that you were drawn to the pink book and then drawn to the same image of the lamp too. the little's sweater is too darn cute. and hello newest furry member of the family! he's adorable.
Jesse Lu said…
Oh Millie! What a cute little face! I'm sure she's so happy to have such a fun new home. Congrats Lisa... P.S. I forgot to look into the readings. I'll do it tomorrow.
Jacqui Dodds said…
I must say I cannot remember the lights being pink in Venice - I will have to go back to take another look :-)
Thank you for posting about the book on colour. I have David Batchelor's Chromophobia which is a very interesting book.
Love the pout and the colourful butterfly top:-)
You might be intetested in this link:
gracia said…
Hey there dear Millie. You are one very lucky dog.
Cally said…
Welcome to Millie, does she realize she'll be a blog star?
Crochet shot v. cute.
Love that you recognised the Venice lamps. I'm like that about spotting random details on TV of Venice (LA Venice) from my books. Always great to have those connections isn't it.
Louise said…
Hello Millie, You're gorgeous and very lucky to have found yourself in the company of such a wonderful family. xolj

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