galaga and cashmere and documenting do go together

galaga - install

i haven't done much cross stitch, but when i am 8 bit asked me to be a part of their art show [which is all about 80's pixelated videogameness] i had to give it a whirl.

galaga - ship

so when i was a kid my parents were part of a bowling league. every friday night we'd head to the lanes. i'd get to eat a hamburger and french fries made by this portly grumpy old man [who ended up being a good pal] and play video games while the adults bowled.

galaga - sky

i was given a very limited allowance to blow on games. so i had to choose my games wisely. centipede was sometimes played. pinball a lot. pac man - and then ms. pac man were definite obsessions [and then later tapper - does anyone remember that game? where you SERVE BEER??? sigh.] - but galaga - galaga was constant. an every weeker.

turns out hubby is a pro at galaga [we found a tabletop version at a mall in japan which he played for quite some time] - so in a way i like to think that galaga is "our" game.

i do love the graphics.
and so i made galaga cross-stitches for the show. all the main characters - and what turned out to be my favorite - the SKY... a beautiful pixelated sky.....

the show opens august 11 from 7-11 pm at
i am 8 bit
- 2147 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 -
100 artists - 4500 square feet [so mine will be lost in all the video game madness, but that's ok].
i can't wait to see pics.... 

MODify/d -scrap flowers

erin [perhaps one of the sweetest bloganistas out there] of design for mankind fame will be on this coast shortly.

she's giving a workshop at teahouse studios. she asked if i might make something to give to her students in gift baggies. so MODify/d [or rather me and my partner candice who helped sew all the pin backs on these] whipped up these cashmere felt scrap flower pins.

but really this brings up this whole other idea. i've been styling A LOT of photos lately. for a project i'm working on that i'll soon talk about. and i really kind of like it. the professional photographer that i'm working with thought i should consider doing it as a job - for other people. really? could i do that???? hmm. it sort of intrigues me. i know i don't really need another hat to wear, but i wouldn't object if the universe sent me a styling gig. i really wouldn't.

MODify/d - scrap flowers

i have more to share, but for now will end with this:

1 august

i am honored to be back on habit this month with some incredibly talented and creative women. this blog moves me so much. so much that i've tried to keep up the habit on my own. which has really been an incredible way for me to try try try to stay in touch with photography. something that has definitely slipped by the wayside a bit. and i love this short sentence that acts as a diary. a peek. a day-by-day [or not so daily] peek.

until next time


Heather said…
Oh yay, love it when you're on habit!
julie said…
these video game graphics took me straight back to the 80's like a familiar smell or a old song!! amazing. pac man was a favourite of mine :)
you can certainly wear many hats my friend.. you are an inspiration!
sophia said…
galaga hands down defintely the best game in my book.
am in love with the galaga cross stitch pieces...and the whole collection. they are beautiful in their own right, but they definitely are nostalgic.
Jan | Poppytalk said…
all this 8 bit stuff is big over at our house - n loves the galaga cross stitch - i wonder if there are patterns for stuff like this - i might be able to get him to make one! so fun!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing some memories of your childhood. LONG LIVE galaga!!
Katrina said…
so fun to take a trip through the 80s with game graphics--they were so good then! and, of course, you could be a stylist. i agree it would be super fun. and lovely gifts for erin's class--are you planning to join the class at teahouse? xoxo.
Katrina said…
oh! the workshop already passed. you know, just a few distractions in my brain these days! xoxo.
Anonymous said…

That is exactly the same way I spent my Fridays! I got to be very good at certain games, because the quarters were limited!

Your cross-stitch is adorable!

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