around town

a few weeks ago tracy [of shutterbean fame] met up with our kiddos at fairyland

it is seriously a throw back. and i'm really glad it's still around. 

the first time i went i wished i had brought the polaroid camera. this time i did, but it's still hard to shoot them when there's a little one running around yelling "come mama come mama !! "
coo coo
i got 3 though. [and i think we rode the train 4 times? maybe five. tracy's kid and my little were stuck on it for sure !]
merry-go-round :: horse

we also went to the merry-go-round in tilden park with auntie connie
 merry-go-round :: zebra
it's really a beautiful merry-go-round - the little is part terrified part fascinated. can't blame her really. and man is it just me or have they shortened the ride time on these things?

merry-go-round :: lion

my favorite shot. the ceiling in there is this amazing teal-ish blue.

i posted on poppytalk - yuken teruya....

it's midterms in school-land. feeling it. i'm missing my studio in the darndest way. for some reason i'm having this flurry of ideas and projects i want to do. and am a bit bitter about my lack of time to even try them out. i want to make a little book for the little, i had this crazy daily practice art idea i want to explore... and i have a show to plan. oy. but i am working on a very important halloween costume.

7 october

if i can pull it off - well- i'll do a little dance in my muno shoes. promise.


julie said…
These photos are so good. The scared/fascinated face is so familiar :)
Happy belated birthday L xx
Eireann said…
O YES. I hear you on the bitter taste of not having time to do your work. I think I actually HAVE time but I feel so stressed about finding enough paid work/making enough money that I just work all the time. And I love my (advanced) students (who take up most of my time, because it's no longer easy stuff or basic responses--more like peer critique for me!) but I am already tired out and the semester goes right til December 13!

PS, hi. :)
Anonymous said…
Isn't it great how our kids 'make' us go to places and do things that we otherwise would not do! Their enthusiasm and enjoyment in life is infectious.
I hope you will share a photo of your Halloween costume for the little....
Molly said…
Oh what a perfect place to play! I'm glad you got some Polaroids... and I hear you on the little distracting. I am always disappointed when Ryan isn't with me because then I can't take as many photographs! :)

Hope you find some time... it's so hard to balance it all. I love your work so much! And what a sweet hint at Halloween. xo
melissa s. said…
oh, I remember going to fairlyland when I was a little. thanks for bringing back those memories and good luck with your costume-making aspirations!
sophia said…
i love fairyland. even the unkept vignettes are charming to me.
the train ride at tilden is quite wonderful if you've never been...and it's a lot longer too.
polaroids are great lisa. fitting for a place like that.
Katrina said…
lovely polaroid shots of lovely vintage things. i am also thinking of making the bean a book: a fabric book of sorts. so much to make and create and suddenly the art vs. craft titles seem meaningless: lately, i just do. happy weekend you! xoxo. k
I know this costume is going to be fun. I've never heard of Fairyland. Very cool, especially for a little and a mom with a Polaroid.
Cally said…
Most excited to see how the costume turns out. Happy Happy Halloween to you all.

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