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morranon tote

i made a tote for camilla . i had to send her something back and so i thought she should get a little gift too. and inspired by the fact that she's making a book of morran, for which i am part of the jury, i thought i should do something with her likeness.

morran is a superstar dog. in fact so much so that an envelope i sent camilla one christmas went missing

we think it's because morran was on the envelope ;)

anyway - i can't wait to see what people come up with for the morran book. keep an eye out on the blog

architect template :: bathroom :: blue

lately i feel like there is just something in the air. i keep having these crazy ideas. things i want to do and try out. with out the time to do any of it. the big creative tease.

architect template :: bathroom :: blue :: detail

i was stuck in traffic and 3 ideas hit. i had to grab a scrap of paper and scribble notes on it. of course these ideas may seem moronic upon second thought .... but in the heat of the moment i think ooooohhhhh

architect template :: bathroom :: orange

it got me thinking about how i'm tying to develop a new body of work for a show and how in the beginning the idea is SO BIG. and then i have to work through all the research and then i have to sketch. and then invariably i have to fail, and then re-configure.

architect template :: bathroom :: orange :: detail

and how sometimes i want to just go back to do what i already know how to do. the familiar. which sometimes is new again after a break, or has a new twist on it in my head, but that's not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about the ease of just doing what comes natural and "easy".  and how that really isn't the point, is it? that the fear is really essential in a weird way. but my accident/play/figure it out time is running out. and i'm getting really nervous about if i can pull a new body of work off.... especially with a wall/installational element. and then these new ideas tease me with their potential and possibility, and i wonder if i should just run with one of them. or if they should be the NEXT thing. [and in what order?]

above is just me playing. i donated a drawing for the kearny street workshop's one size fits all  sale - because i love them and what they do.

i've always loved architectural templates. and the bathroom ones really crack me up. you can get this drawing:

architecture topiary drawing

here. it's using a garden template.

back to my second guessing.... [and grading]. 


What a darling tote! Stolen mail? Terrible, but it does look very tempting.
sophia said…
maybe it has to do with the weather. cooler weather + hibernation. it usually hits me around this time as well...surge of ideas and the urge to create.
Kathryn said…
The same time of year I get this same urge. A sense of openness for new ideas to come through. I was just about to post on this thought next week. Love the architectural templates drawings! I still have a ton of those templates lying around my studio.
i love, just love, that ideas are popping in to you head all the time. it's so fun to ride a creative wave. enjoy, lisa. xo.
Anonymous said…
Ain't it amazing how ideas for new and different things seem to pop into one's brain!?! It is equally amazing how you 'juggle so many balls' in the air in your life as well as you do. I hope you focus on enjoying the creativity rather than on the frustration over whether you will 'get it all done' or not.
Jesse Lu Bain said…
toilets, huh? They are funny. And totally on my brain, too. I was watching this documentary series on BBC about the history of British ceramics and there was a whole feature on the invention of the water closet. Did you know they had gilded toilets back in the day and that lots of the toilets were decorated with floral transfers inside the bowl? Talk about making the ugly beautiful... kinda like your toxins. Totally blew my mind.
mari said…
I imagine a lot of people would have wanted to swipe that envelope with the doggie on the cover. What a great piece of mail to receive! Love to see your work in progress. It's always inspiring to view someone's creative process.

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