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my parents sent me and 3 friends [one, two, three] to the pardee house for a belated birthday tour and tea.

if you are local [or planning to visit], like victorian houses, cabinets of curiosities and strange collections then you should definitely go. the docents and tea-makers are all volunteers - they go ALL out . the tea was really amazing [see image 10 below for JUST the sweets - they even made me a birthday cake with chocolate leaves]. it's $5 for a tour [they have scheduled ones on wednesdays and saturdays, but you can schedule one for a group almost anytime]. a light tea + tour is $15 and a high tea + tour is $25.

the house is frozen in time as the pardee family lived there from generation to generation from the day it was built until the 1980's. they have left almost everything untouched - it can be a bit creepy [like seeing the calendar page of when they died] but also rather cool.

here's a slideshow of some of my photos [you may have to click out of a reader to view this]:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

please do not disturb

sometimes i do really like a task. husband wanted a do not disturb sign for his office door. he works at an animal hospital. sleeping dogs it is ! i used a free font - santo domingo - for the text.

madeline :: happy halloween !

so - costume is done for halloween !
in an old house in paris that was covered in vines
lived 12 little girls in 2 straight lines
in 2 straight lines they broke their bread
and brushed their teeth
and went to bed
the left the house at half past nine
in 2 straight lines
in rain or shine
the smallest one was madeline

the little decided this is who she wanted to be for halloween [from only a question if that's who she might want to me]
we have little black shoes too [which she loves wearing and is calling her madeline shoes]
i wanted to do the all yellow madeline because my favorite pages of the books are the ones in all yellow black and white.

i pulled the pattern from a coat of hers, and just altered it a bit - which having never pulled a pattern before i think i did OK !
here's where i was cutting it out.
felt like i was going back to my costume design roots as an undergrad.

can't wait to go trick-or-treating with her... even if she only wears the hat for 2 seconds.


sophia said…
pictures are a mini-tour!
love the sign...AND
the costume!! she will be a GREAT madeline...hope to see some pics soon!
happy halloween lisa.
Kathryn said…
I need to go check out the Pardee house, how cool. Nice work on the costume. I just sewed my first metallic unitard for my daughter, we deserve a pat on the back! Happy Halloween! ps-I just received your print from Kearny, love it!
Anonymous said…
Yes, pardee is a wonderful walk back in time along with a delicious tea! I hope it made for a special b-day for you.

The little must have LOVED her costume. Made for special memories for you and husband, for sure!
Eireann said…
i LOVE your madeline costume! adorrrrrable.
Jan | Poppytalk said…
what a nice treat - (and oh i feel terrible i missed your birthday)! : (

i adore madeline! she must've looked so sweet!

: )
What an intriguing space for tea, and the Madeline costume is fabulous.
gracia said…
That is one fantastical costume... and I love your linear sleeping hounds. Let sleeping dogs lie... very cute play in action there, Lisa.


(Hi! Wish I had more time to blog and say hello... as no doubt do you. Where are the days disappearing to, I wonder. November!? Already!?)
Louise said…
Dearest Lisa,
I too wish I could visit more often, but I'm hear now and having a lovely time catching up on all your news. The little's costume is gorgeous. I'm sure you guys had a ball.
Cally said…
I would have LOVED this at that age because yellow was my absolute favourite colour, even though people at school kept telling me it SHOULD be blue or red (the 70's equivalent of pink nowadays). Bet the little looked super cute and that the outfit is loved for more than just Halloween.

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