for the love of books


my latest stack of art related books. top two courtesy of wenders

from here to there
if you love maps [and what's not to love] then this book is definitely for you. i've been really thinking hard about migration. have started a couple of drawings. mapping and migration are definitely related, so i'm pouring over all these versions of maps for inspiration.

as a maker of all kinds of lists [even a BOOK of my own lists for goodness sakes].i am really loving this book. as much as handwriting can be challenging to read [and i speak for myself here. sorry students who try to read my comments] there is something just wonderful about seeing other people's hand.what makes it on their lists. why. and the ones that show the cost of things are particularly intriguing....

visual complexity
i spied this book at sydney's and knew i wanted it. again with the mapping and ways and means to collected and more importantly display data. luckily i was able to use some credit card redeem points for this one - so it was pocketbook free purchasing [ok that's not true as i had to spend money to get the points to get it, but oh you know what i'm saying]. kathryn recently posted this book too i think
[i knew i liked her].


i spied this on sally's blog . she made herself a dress. and the madeline coat making experience brought back my desire to make clothing. if only i had a multitude of free time - but really i DO want to sew some clothes.


especially these shirts. and because yes asia will give you free shipping if you spend $49 i also got

starcrochet 3 

1.because it's geting cold and i like having something to do at the end of the day when i'm too tired to do anything else. [no i do not really ever just SIT STILL. not my nature]. 2. because i CAN'T knit and i really want to make some slippers and mittens... and these are crochet ! [yay for me!]

star crochet inside

Cheongju International Craft Biennale Catalogue

and.... i'm in a book ! my work went off to korea for the cheongju international craft biennale. and gosh they made a nice nice catalogue.

 Cheongju International Craft Biennale Catalogue-ME

and it's an amazing amazing array of artists in this show. people i never thought i'd be in a book with.

 Biennale Catalogue
annet couwenberg and yayoi kusama

Biennale catalogue
damien hirst and yinka shonibarembe

books. gotta love them.

by the way i'm sort of astounded that it's already the 2nd week of november. where in the world are the days going?? it's going to be a mad dash run to the end of 2011.


Kathryn said…
Oh wow, we do need to meet! From Here to There looks amazing! I just saw that you were in the Cheongju show along with SooJin Kang, who I featured this week. To be in a show alongside Kiki Smith - nice! So, just to help you waste more time wishing to sew, here's a wonderful sewing pattern site I just discovered! Sorry!
Jesse Lu Bain said…
Lisa, thanks for posting a link to Kathryn's blog. It was just the introduction I needed this morning. :)
Great selection and congratulations on the show and catalogue feature. 'From here to there' has captured my imagination and I'll have to check it out (as laying dorment is a body of work based on mapping references that will one day see the light of day). I love maps too and Elizabethtown is one of my favourite movies, for many reasons, but one important one being the map that Claire (Kirsten Dunst) gives Drew (Orlando Bloom), the whole symbolism behind it - it is truly beautiful...
Eireann said…
wow dude wow! happy for you!
Di said…
Great selection! Love the sound of the mapping ones. Hope you find plenty of time to soak all the inspiration in!
I can vouch for the white Nooy shirt pattern- it's quite voluminous, so use a very lightweight fabric- and so easy to wear.
sophia said…
those are some cool books.
that striped shirt...totally love.
congrats on the book too lisa.
As a map maker I'm so into From Here to There -- thanks for suggesting the other books too -- I can never meet too many books!
gracia said…
Stopping by this mad November to say hello and congratulations on the book feature... as well as to admire that handsome array of books. Who'd be without books of all sorts? Not me, that's for sure.

Enjoy the race to year's end. I am wishing I could sleep through the whole thing... but perhaps I just need another coffee this sleepy Melbourne afternoon.

g xo
I know. Where do the days go? It's all too fast. Congratulations on being a part of a lovely book and happy mitten making.

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