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hey there.

first i just want to thank you for your thoughtful responses to my last post - reading people's heartfelt ideas on their own "useless" degrees made me grin from ear to ear. and thanks to those of you who also took the time to email me privately. to me this is the magic of the internet - the ability to throw something out there - to a likeminded community and to see what sticks - to hear other's thoughts. it's so valuable to me. thank you.

MODify/d at bedford gallery craftfest

many of you know that i have a little side business with a pal... MODify/d. we upcycle. and we are lucky enough to get to play with cashmere. some of the softest stuff on earth.

excitingly enough we were featured in sunset magazine's gift guide !

those are our pink and purple elephants [thanks to rare device for suggesting us to sunset!]

besides my normal pile of end of semester gradings we've been stuffing elephants and other goodies for several local fairs and venders:

1. you can find us at holidayland [who was featured on local TV promoting plaid friday. you can see the eles in the background of the last shot]

2. we are at rare device - duh

3. we are at park and pond also in SF.

4. this weekend - Dec. 3-4 we'll be at Bazaar Bizarre at the concorse in SF. [i'll be there opening on saturday and from about 3 till closing on sunday]

5. and Dec. 17-18 we'll be at Renegade - also at the concorse [i'll be there saturday from opening till about 3]

anyway - i love these all the above because there is SO MUCH good stuff to look at - and you get to support small... yay.

over and out for now. more soon.

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