hey there. did you think i had disappeared? into the rabbit hole that is the end of the year. a multi-faceted mess that consists of intense grading, getting ready for all the crafty fair stuff that i mentioned below, trying to keep on top of deadlines and preparing for my next solo show [in spring !! soon !!], and holiday preparations. [which truth be told is much more fun with the little around].

i was also hoping to have some grand thing to mark my 600th [!!] post. but forget it. let's just talk about stuff i like OK?

above is my new favorite way to make my morning coffee. it's the bialatti muka stovetop cappuccino maker.  way easier than a big machine... or a hand held frother - it's the best thing to happen to my morning since i started drinking coffee again. seriously. one big mug latte and i'm a much happier camper. and then if i'm feeling really indulgent i can make a decaf one in the later afternoon. heaven.

6 december

it's december on habit. which means any of us that were involved during the year get to post to our hearts content. i could go on and on about what a brilliant idea and how emily and molly are certified geniuses [and amazing photographers to boot]. let's just say it's a beautiful website. and magic seems to happen there in the way all these women post snippets of their day.

pantone pencils + grid paper

do i need to say anything? pantone colored pencils? for real? i went to the art store to get every kind of grid paper i possibly could. [something cooking in the studio] of course i had to get whiteline's perspective paper and their triangle grid, but i still can not quite explain how happy i am to just see the pantone pencils on my desk. and they are actually really nice to draw with. soft, but not too slippery. smooth. you know when you go to the art store for one thing and end up leaving with 20 things. that was me. art supplies are like crack. and i can really really easily justify almost anything in an art store.

new pens

so i know there are some stationery fanatics out there. [maybe even as crazy as me? was it sally and tracy, christine and i that had a conversation about potential favorite .25mm pens? ] and i remember when i fell in love with my pilot hi-tec c's.

well - if you know and love office supplies. and you know and love japanese office supplies in particular then you already know about jet pens. which is where i go when i need hi-tecs [pictured above] - or new mechanical pencils - or various leads for said pencils because they actually carry different hardness refills.... and i always drool over their pencil cases....

jet pen goodies

so how excited was i when they offered to send me a sample pack of goodies ... just because?  yeah. the mini envelope template is GREAT ! the index camera stickers are almost too cute to use. the kitty clips? SHUT UP. and the pens... the white and gold [have i mentioned that gold has been growing on me lately?]. happy early holidays to me. they have a twitter feed and facebook page to keep track of their special offers [they basically post the same stuff so you can just pick one]

so yeah. hopefully back to semi-regular posting about here. maybe. but i know better than to promise.


emily said…
oh lisa. your love for habit makes my heart practically explode. (that, and your love for pens and art supplies!) xo.
emily said…
ps. can NOT believe i didn't know about jet pens before! thank you. (or not!)
Anonymous said…
Those pens look REALLY COOL!

And the coffee made that way is delicious.....
gracia said…
Good luck with all those many, many things. A solo show in the spring -- exciting!

Sending hugs and a spare window of time,
g xo
bugheart said…
happy belated
there is so
much goodness
to drink in
on this post...
i drool
over pantone pencils,
graph paper,
an envelope template.
can't wait
to see what you
are up to
for the next show.
miss you.

ps vee says
for the knitted
bugheart said…
ps grub got
one of those
thingies and
is hooked.
Katrina said…
hi you! i agree, "art supplies are like crack". hysterical! and so true. happy 2012 to you. and YES i would love for you to visit us in the new year. after we're back from NY let's make a date. little M says happy new year too. xo.

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