i still make things !!!

sit with you - a commission

really ! i do ! sometimes i feel really secretive. like i can't share what i'm making or thinking about because if i do i might just ruin the magic of it. that indescribable space/thing that happens in the studio. and then other times it feels so necessary to share something. wrapped up in that whole idea that art isn't really complete until there is a viewer to interact with it.

the above piece i couldn't post as it was a special holiday time commission. boyfriend to his girlfriend who i guess spoke about my work to him. how sweet and thoughtful is that? to take note - and then to try and get her a "lisa solomon original" - because she had a print. sigh. could my eyes get a little more watery?

he really responded to the redwork pieces i did for nahcotta gallery awhile back [who currently has an amazing jen judd-mcgee show, so made him a smaller sit with you [which by the way is supposed to be me and the little sitting together ]. the white wisteria in the background is taken from my mom's family crest.

donut pillow

i also made this silly crochet donut pillow from the crochet star japanese craft book.  it'd be really fun to make a little family of these.... they are also perfect size for toys or little heads. [cool photo filter via pixlr - via  lilie melo]

i'm sort of obsessed with little trees. besides making my own versions i've always been totally in love with vintage bottle brush holiday trees. especially the white slightly glittered ones.

i spied some extra ones at michaels and with holiday sales + coupons i bought them. to make my own versions.

first you soak them in bleach for a few hours. you'll see when all the green is out of them.....

then you dip them in glue. i tried to make some areas clumpy and some not so that the glitter would be varied.

i used martha stewart yellow gold glitter to enhance that champagne-y vintage feel.

i didn't glitterize all of them... i like the mix. they are hanging out in the studio with me. i envision a super way more minimal holiday mantel next year. wonder if i can pull it off.....

happy 2012. any big resolutions? none here. except maybe a real desire - i mean need - to do some yoga again. my arms and neck and hips are a bit upset with me lately. i'm getting old. seriously sometimes i have the hardest time putting my socks on in the morning. if it's first thing and it's cold... i can barely bend over to get it done. so sad. so so so sad.


Kathryn said…
Happy 2012 to you, too! Love the commissioned piece, what a great story to go with it.

Sigh, yoga. It made me feel so healthy when I did it but I'm so lazy these days. I need to get back into it too.

Resolutions? I had several, one of them being a new series .. lots and lots of work to do this spring!!
betsy said…
I love everything about this post. And your old lady ending made me laugh. I return to yoga tomorrow...xo
emily said…
i always have a lot to say when i read here. and i think last time, that i just left the window open forever and never actually commented. so today, i'm typing straight away.

your trees are wonderful! i can so see a whole mantle-full, and i like it. also? yoga. i was having a creaky-body problem last year. having trouble getting up from the floor after i had been playing with the kids, back sore, etc. i went back to yoga in april and i feel SO much better. like me again in my body. which is all to say, go do it.

Jan | Poppytalk said…
Love to see what you've been making. Those trees are so adorable!
Anonymous said…
LOVELY donut pillow and trees. Having seen the latter in some of your other work I especially appreciated your taking the time to show and explain how you do it. A 'forest' of them would be wonderful!

Hoping you get back to yoga SOON so your body does not feel as old as it seems to now. Admittedly ain't easy to 'find the time' when one is busy with a little, husband, home, and career. But it is a very valuable investment of some time and energy.
sophia said…
bleaching little trees? lisa...is it weird that this is the stuff that's fun to read about?
Cally said…
A most Happy New Year to you and yours Lisa.

That commission and the thought behind it is just wonderful. It's always a joy to see your stitched pieces.

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