a party + an opening in monterey

i sent out email invitations to the little's party - for some reason i wanted to do something with little flags. and it had to have orange since that is her favorite color [and has been for quite sometime]. this year there were actually KIDS at her party 3 from her daycare and 2 slightly younger friend's kids. it was really fun to see how she interacts with her friends since i don't usually get to see that. 

needless to say there was lots of running - and screaming - and fake bath taking in the bathroom as well as some insane jumping together in a crib and on a bed [i joked with one parent that it was grandma and grandpa's house. rules don't count and everything is fine unless we hear a big thunk].

so we needed favors this year! and i was lucky enough to find the "hello" flag stamp at michael's in the bargin bin - along with playdoh and a bunch of pretty cool robot gear [is it bad that i'm pushing my personal likes on my child? i guess we'll know soon enough]. the little bags and yummy gummy candy came from daiso.  gosh that place is super dangerous. i'm glad the one near me is smaller unlike the one near school which is huge.

the cake came from virginia bakery - it was strawberry shortcake [chiffon] with REAL whip cream frosting and i swear was one of the best kid's birthday cakes i've ever had. not too sweet - light fluffy - go ba-chan and papa !! [my folks ordered it]. if you are local and need a cake i can definitely say you don't need to look further.


family tree

if you have nothing to do this friday evening [jan 27th] and you live in the south-ish bay i have 2 new really large scale drawings and a new embroidery grouping [pictured above] that will be on view in a show called transcendental vision [the click will take you to the announcement].

the show is at a place called THE INDEPENDENT in Sand City [near Monterey]
600 ortiz ave, sand city, 93955
the opening is from 5-8pm.
the show is up through february 26th [in case you are headed to the aquarium between now and then]
more info on the show including the line up of artsts is here

the embroideries are a family tree of sorts. me and my immediate family portrayed by a stitch and colorway that i feel is reflective of the person and represents their birth or death date as the case may be.

spanish flu

spanish flu :: detail

also on view will be 2 large flu drawings. above is the spanish flu - as viewed through a microscope, but rendered by me using doilies... beutify-ing the ugly/scary [yet again].

they are both 47" x 47" so on the big side for me... which i really like. it's good to stretch your arm out when you draw sometimes.....

below is the dreaded h1n1 virus. i'm always struck by how pretty things can look when they are just blobs and shapes. i remember spending a long time looking through microscopes in junior high science class. fascinating.


h1n1 :: detail

and classes started this week. needless to say i'm all prepped to jump on the california public education really needs to be restructured and refunded bandwagon. i feel so deeply for students who are paying more for way less and for all the ones i had to turn away from my class. ugh. but now the work can begin..... till next time. if i get to see you on friday i'll be very excited to see you.  [and sort of weirded out - first night away from the little by MYSELF and really away. like i can't immediately rush to her if i absolutely need to].


She canNOT be 3, she just can't! But if she has to be, I think the flags are pretty perfect and the party sounds awesome.

I wish I was in town to see your show, I love the big piece, the Spanish flu is one beautiful virus in your hands.

And the Seattle Public Schools were closed today at 12:30 for a furlough day. To save money. Its messed up.
Anonymous said…
How grand for the little, you, your husband, and grandparents to celebrate her b-day together like that. I am sure each of you will have fond memories of the time together!

CONGRATS on the show. The pieces look lovely. I really like how you extract and display the beauty of 'ugly' and/or 'scary' things.

Your concerns and frustration over the state of our educational system are certainly well founded. Nothing will change until the majority of the public indicates its demands that the government do something substantial and systematic about it. Otherwise, things will continue to decline and we will pay for it in other very costly ways like high teen crime rates and incarcerations, under-employment or unemployment of young adults, etc, etc, etc. Ie, we are robbing from peter (eg, paying lower taxes) in order to pay paul (eg, having to cope with and pay for these other social costs). People need to elect representatives who will work for these changes!
shari said…
sounds like such a fun party! that cake! 3 is a good age but time seems to be passing so quickly.

love your new work so much. wish i could see it in person. are some of the embroidery pieces done on silk or satin?
Emily Barletta said…
I love the H1N1 drawing, very beautiful.
Gracia said…
Three!? No!? Time seems to be passing so very quickly.

Sending good cheer and wishes from far away... I've been in the studio day and night that I've had little time to unwind and swing by and say hi. It's been both great and tiring.

Gracia said…
P.S. LOVE these works shown here.
Kathleen said…
Happy 3rd Birthday to Miss Fifi! She is growing up SO fast. I just have to say, those flu drawings are FANTASTIC. It pains me that I can't see them in person b/c I'm sure they're fantastic x1000 up close. Truly inspiring.
bugheart said…
loved the invite.
i hope vee's
favorite color
is anything but pink.

the embroidery hoops
are so intriguing
i want to see more!


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