day-to-day and manifestos

week 3: 3:12 - 3:18

week 3 of the daily drawings.

2.pho with sydney mochi
4.toddler crackers deflating balloon
6.sand sifter

week 4: 3:19 - 3:25

1.tiny scissors doll arm
4.nib pen
5.staplegun mugs from bugheart
7.pinecones collected on walk

i have to say ... i like that i can remember more of what happened that day because of these drawings. it's kind of amazing. like last week was all about framing in the studio. so there's my camera [b/c i had to photo before putting them behind glass] and the staple gun... and just being in the studio made me want to do a quick ink drawing [of the pen i draw with]...

anyway - project frame solo show is practically complete. just in time as pick up is this week. i just read the press release and a little gulp formed in my throat.

three things:
i declared a spring manifesto on shari's blog. [one of the nicest blogs out there... and one i've read practically the whole time i've been online].

and to go with the last post - this fresh air on fostering creativity in the work place was really interesting.

i'm kind of in love with instagram. i'm by no means an early adopter. i'm rather slow to it in fact, but now that i'm there - it's kind of addicting. eye candy. a quick way to see what others are up to... it reminds me of flickr - in the beginning - when it was really fun and exciting to see what people were posting... anyway if you want to find me i'm @lisasolomon there....

till next time....


louise said…
Loving your daily drawings and hurrah for Shari's blog, I agree, one of the nicest, as is yours. olj
shari said…
you are too kind, lisa! i feel the same way about your blog. loving the day to day drawings. xox
Anonymous said…
Thanks, the drawings are great!
dew + olive said…
Great drawings!
I am in LOVE with your blog, just started following!
d+o xo
Tony said…
It's me Tony. I found your blog, how in the world did I not find out about this earlier. I am already in love and I've only read a few posts.

I love the drawings, another daily drawing project, that is so exciting. I'm doing a daily note project right now for my blog where I just write an emotion, story, piece of my day on whatever I can and try to share it on that day. Today marks a whole month of it, trying to keep up this habit.

Instagram is great, the only thing is, I'm just a bystander, I can't participate because I don't have an Iphone, but I can still enjoy the cool photos people share!
Gracia said…
Love these daily drawings, Lisa, and how you list them. From one detail, a whole day is drawn. Beautiful!

And, your blog, and Shari's blog, are such super nice blogs that I am glad are out there.
Heather said…
The daily drawing series is wonderful and inspiring!

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