12 March 2012

day-to-day + give-a-way

week 2:: 3:5 -3 : 11

week 2 of the day-to-day sketch book project. it is really nice to be doing this. life feels super insane right now and this makes me pause for a few minutes and just observe something. day 4 is a solo plastic cup i use for water in my studio. for some reason that one strikes me as really really funny. it was also the funnest to do. not at all what i would normally attempt to draw - and i did it BIG... relatively.

but really - i promised a give-a-way - and you shall have one.... the above are blackwing pencils. i got to try one out courtesy of jet pens.  they are as lovely to use as they are to look at. i posted about some goodies i got from them not too long ago... and i have seriously spent hours just looking at the supplies they have on their site. if you can't make it to japan to peruse a stationery store - it's the next best thing.

well - they kindly kindly asked to feature me as their March Artist of the Month - and i have to say i was a bit surprised as my work is really rather different than many of the other artists they've featured.  surprised, but flattered none the less. they had me make a list of what jet pens products i've tried/used and ahem - it was rather long. i happen to have a gift certificate to spend - so let's spread some love.  here's the deal.  comment on this post with what jet pen product [s] you want to try out. you've got $5 to spend - anything on the site [you can start with my list if you are curious - but not necessary]. one entry not enough? follow and tweet to jet pens [and tweet to me too so i know you did it] for another entry. contest closes monday march 19th [2012], 5pm pacific time. be sure your comment links to a way i can get ahold of you to let you know you've won !

and now i will get back to grading. before i collapse into bed. day-light savings - i adore you, but the first few days are a bit brutal. i want my hour back.


Anonymous said...

THANKS for sharing week 2 of your drawings. It is FUN for me, too, to see your 'quick little ditties.' I look forward to seeing more in the weeks to come!

CONGRATS on being an 'artist of the month.' Sounds like you make very good use of their products!

Anonymous said...

I want the Japanese food erasers and the elephant tape dispenser!
-kelly p
(I'll email you with my contact. hope I win!!)

jenna said...

many congrats on being featured on their site! it is definitely a kid-in-candy-store kind of experience browsing around there.

i think i would pick the "Stad WK'Zool Multi Wooden & Color Pencil Sharpener" - we break pencil points like crazy around here.

Julie said...

I am currently itching to try that Tombow eraser! When I sketch letters, I end up with so many little lines in tricky places. This would be a lifesaver!

(P.S. I just noticed that the link in the article to lisasolomon.com is misspelled. Both on the website and the URL link itself, so it doesn't direct to you.)

MrDisco said...

I would use the $5 towards a
Lamy Fountain Pen - Safari Model - Extra Fine Nib - Charcoal Black Body & Black Clip


Michael G. said...

I really want a Uniball Shift Pipe Lock drafting pencil - in black please! :)

Grasshopper31 said...

I would use the money towards a Pelle leather journal!!

Jesse Lu Bain said...

are those pink little flowers in a science bottle from SCRAP? If they are, that makes me sooooo happy. Those bottles show up everywhere in blogo land and I have them all over the house. I've been having major SCRAP withdrawal in Albuquerque.

bugheart said...


hooray for
the artist of
the month!

coveting this right now:
but it's more than $5...
and this:
but it's 75 cents over...
so this:
Kuretake Tegami Refillable Letter Pen Refill - Super Fine Lettering Tip - Black...

god that site
kills me.
i want it all!

bugheart said...

ps how did that wall adhesive work?

Eireann said...

I would get some refills for my hi-tec c .4 and .25 pens. You know it. :)