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remember when i did a drawing a day? i was thinking about how that was such a great project in so many ways. and how i missed that practice. so i took up arms sketchbook and started again. this time nothing fancy. no real game plan. it just started when i was staring at the pink gift/favor bag that the little had received from a birthday party. just thinking you know - i should just draw that. which led to - you know i should just draw something stupid every day.

so i will. for as long as i can keep it up. something in front of me- probably on a table. and then i mark what it is and the date. it's another attempt to document the mundane moments of day-to-day life.

in the above my favorite is the little ceramic cup in which i keep my q-tips in the studio.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| and in www. news

i found this great app for putting iphone pics together... i wish it had a bit more flexibility in terms of layouts - but really. it's free. it does something that would take me much longer to do in photoshop... i likey. pic stich

i also broke down and bought myself a little gift. i've been lamenting lately that i have a million bags - bags that i don't use because transferring my stuff from one bag to the next is just more effort than i'm willing to put in on a regular basis.

and then i got this email about this bag-in a-bag concept. and this could solve all my problems ! check it out  and be sure to watch the little video.... this is the same company that brought you the iphone stitch case - my version pictured in my value of art education post

that is all. more framing going on here tomorrow. so excited to have a former student helping me. did i mention i was excited for help ?!? 


Vanessa said…
That bag-in-a-bag is a pretty good idea, actually...
emily said…
love the bag in a bag. very similar to a concept i tried to work out 10 years ago, or so. without luck. but i just ordered one of these, thank you very much! xo.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I look forward to seeing more of your daily drawings!

HELP from a student can be a wonderful thing, eh?!?
abigail*ryan said…
Love the drawings a day!

Love the app tip (as a new phone user - THANK YOU) and also, love the bag insert, I have been thinking of one of those for a while, it's such a good idea... it's a nightmare to try and trasnfer everything over.

Happy Sunday, Lisa. lots of love from us!! xxx
Very cool stuff. I love 365 projects and have been yearning to do another, maybe someday soon...

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