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so that book that i talked about? there's a show for all of us that were used in the book at artstream studios.... help celebrate the launch of art lab for kids... exciting to be with such good friends and artists. i love thinking about my work being in the same room with those listed ! the show opens on saturday - and i wish i had a teleporter to go to new hampshire to check it out - but i'm sure i'll at least get to see photos.

migration : chestnut tiger butterfly

i sent this piece. it's an interpretation of the migration of the chestnut tiger butterfly - which roams all around japan and all of asia.

i don't consider myself a "photo realist" in any sense of the word but i'd be lying if i didn't say i had a hint of delight when i used a pin to place this butterfly. for a spit second it felt almost real [although i wouldn't want to pin any real butterflies]... i couldn't help but think of gwen - i wonder if she's ever seen a chestnut butterfly in person.

so to let the cat out of the bag - the whole next show is about migration. loosely and tightly. all kinds. i'll let your mind wander around that and i'll show you how i mean once that show is up. i'm getting butterflies in my stomach ... solo show. a lot to do. not sure how the work will be received. blah blah blah. but this piece - how can you not like the metaphor of the butterfly? and this one is more personal as i begin to delve into 1/2 of my ancestral past.

here it is framed. i keep trying to play with how i frame work - having things float above and elements of drawing go from the paper to the mat. if i HAVE to frame the work i might as well be super conscious and involved in the process right? right.

and a moment of beauty. i blurted out once that i can spend my whole day wandering around looking for some moment of beauty - or something that makes me pause. and then i feel the day is successful. well. i didn't feel today was entirely successful as i futzed around sewing and wasting time on one thing after another instead of doing what i should have been doing. but i did spy this:

buckets of color

buckets of crayon scraps color sorted.
and truth be told i did forget about all my problems as i oohed and ahhed for just one second.

happy friday and weekend to you.


Vanessa said…
I'm partial to butterflies (my name means butterfly), and I love these pieces you put together! Just don't pin those butterflies in your stomach -- relish the excitement! :)
Kathryn said…
Exciting news! And I know for a fact that you're on the right track with your series for the solo show. I loved all of what I saw! It was coherent, beautiful, well thought out, genuine, and comprehensive.
Anonymous said…
THANKS for sharing some of your work. Can't wait to see more about your upcoming solo show!

The crayons looked like a real treat to savor.....
It's so fun that again our work is together! Someday we will get to actually meet!
Your new solo show sounds interesting, ideas of migration. Have you said yet where it is?
Susan Schwake said…
thanks lisa for the post - we all gasped when we opened the butterfly piece! it is lovely and the solo show series will be fun to watch unfold here!
I would love to see it live however.. thanks for being part of my book + of course the show.
Gracia said…
Your chestnut tiger butterfly is a beautiful piece. I like the movement you can see. And, on a different note, those crayons colour sorted too. Such delicious organization does distract one from problems some of the time.

hugs, g xo
bugheart said…
holy moly
that piece!!!

no, i have never seen
that butterfly
except in books...
is that really butterflies
in the piece...
they look so real.
pinning butterflies
is very difficult.
i am good at it
but hate doing it
both because in general
i hate killing bugs but
also you want
to pin them perfectly
and my OCD self can't
deal with any imperfection.

that crayon photo
is so so so pleasing.
where is it taken???

louise said…
Hi Lisa, Your new work is a treat. I'm very sure your solo show will be a great success and the entire body of work will be enjoyed by all. I only wish I could see it in person. How come we've been talking about teleporters for years, and yet nobody has built one for us? Very cruel. xolj
Katrina said…
lisa, the butterfly piece is gorgeous. can't wait to see images of the entire show. migration. how perfect.

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