migratory patterns - part one

migratory patterns : installation shot
installation at walter maciel gallery

hello. right. so my show.... migratory patterns.... basically the premise for this show is the following [this is how i answered a question for an interview on balancing the tide - a blog on creatives/mothering]:

This new series of work is rooted in the idea of migration. It has components which are both highly personal [my and my family’s migration] and also reaching for a worldlier view [the migration of radiation from Fukushima]. This is the first time I’ve been able to combine these interests - personal life story telling and work that has a more political and greater awareness – under one banner. This is both thrilling and scary. 

today i'll post about the personal work. i generated a series of portraits - of myself, my mom, my dad, my husband, my grandparents. components of the pieces link to places they live - on the graph papers are drawings that represent state flowers and fish and birds and dogs. the mark making is representation of the mileage between locales - so for example i moved from LA to Santa Barbara before i started high school - 94 miles. so i made 94 marks. i clock the mileage for everyone between each locale - each mark or sewing stitch represents a mile. the marks make up a map of sorts - although not in the traditional way. i think [hope], though, that they read like like... traversing a distance. map abstracted.

danne san [husband], 2012
graphite, acrylic, colored pencil, felt, pins, machine stitching on paper and duralar
20 ½ x 28 ¼ inches framed

ocasan [mother], 2012, graphite, colored pencil, machine stitching on duralar,  16 1/2 x 12 1/2 in framed

ottosan [dad], 2012, graphite, acrylic, colored pencil, felt, pins, machine stitching on paper and duralar, 16 ½ x 20 ½ inches framed

ojisan obasan
ojisan / obasan [grandpa and grandma], 2012,  graphite, acrylic, colored pencil, felt, pins, machine stitching on paper and duralar,  20 ½ x 20 ½ inches framed

watashii :: california girl
watashii [me] california girl, 2012,  graphite, acrylic, felt, pins, machine stitching and embroidery on paper and duralar, 16 ½ x 12 ½ inches framed

watashii :: homesweethome
watashii [me] home sweet home, 2012, graphite, acrylic, felt, pins, machine stitching and embroidery on paper and duralar, 20 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches framed
in this piece i drew the 3 main houses that i've lived in - and in the lower right i embroidered home sweet home in japanese.

i also did this series of drawings. 38 of them. all places i've been - some from photos i took, or of indicators of place [state birds, flowers, etc], or of objects that are really important to me in my life/art practice. as i was making the drawings for the portrait pieces i admitted to sydney that if i were brave i would just do a whole show of them. because i loved making them. drawing in black and white and adding color as a chart - just like i was making my students do in color theory. and she said: why DON'T you just make a bunch of them. like they are waiting to be put into the other drawings. all i needed was the permission... 

here's a slideshow of the flickr set - [you may have to click out of a reader to see it. and it's flash - so anyone on an ipad/phone sorry]. there are detail images there of the above works too.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

i'll talk about the other 1/2 of the show next time.

a couple of other things :: hanging out with LA friends was really really heavenly. and a couple of hip moms pointed us to LACMA and their NEXT GEN program. the little can now go there for FREE and take me [or any other grown up] until she's 18?!?! brilliant.

 we went to go see the amazing metropolis II by chris burden. which was really spectacular.

but i have to say my favorite moment might have been when she laid on the floor in the richard serra sculpture.

and if you are still with me... i posted on poppytalk too. wendy kawabata.....


Heather said…
So beautiful!! These might be my favorite of the pieces of yours that I've seen so far, and I've been a fan for a while. :-) To me, these all have an immediate emotional impact, in addition to just being very pleasing to look at. Even through the filter of seeing them as little photos on the internet. Congratulations!
shari said…
such an inspiring set of work, lisa. truly. xo
unha engels said…
beautiful work.
funny, i took my little duck to see serra and what he wanted to do was lie down also.
Victoria said…
Beautiful, poignant work. I especially like the idea of creating non-traditional maps, and how each piece is directly connected to you and your loved ones.
Blair said…
So so beautiful. I can't tell you how much I wish I could see this show in person. (I would probably get in trouble for touching.) I love so many things about this particular show. And the idea that F will grow up amongst art she can fall in the floor in awe over. :) xo
Lari Washburn said…
Congratulations on a wonderful show Lisa! I've been admiring and appreciating your work for awhile now, seeing it here and there, but it really makes an impact when it's a larger show. I think the way you combine the abstract stitching and the representational elements in your work is brilliant. That's very hard to do in my experience. I love drawing, and your work always makes me want to draw right now. I was reading a bit about the show over on Kathryn's blog, and I'm grateful that artists like you and Kathryn make work that makes us think. I wish you all the best!
Lari Washburn said…
I wrote a post that I don't think got past the robot-detector! But I just wanted to say your work is brilliant here, and I'm glad to see it in a large show. I so wish I could come see it. Congratulations Lisa.
Gracia said…
"This is both thrilling and scary"

Sounds absolutely right then.

I loved seeing these new works with their migratory patterns that draw you in. They are beautiful and make me want to see MORE.

Congratulations, Lisa. Inspiring stuff.
Tracy said…
Such beautiful work. I am so sorry to have missed the opening - but we intend to get there. How many times I've thought about lying down in a Serra! Love! xo
bugheart said…
the migration series
is so striking
and beautiful
both visually
and in meaning.
so many layers
in construction.
the little
is SO cute...
i have always
wanted to
lay down
in front
of a piece
i loved
and bask in it.

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